We love anything that makes packing for travel easier, so we were delighted when asked to write a Pro Packing Cubes review to help fellow travellers. To be totally transparent, they sent us 2 sets of Pro Packing Cubes to review in exchange for a link to their Amazon product page. We’ve used them for a few weeks now to test them out fully and here’s our honest review.

What are Pro Packing Cubes?

In case you’ve never seen or heard of pro packing cubes before, the idea is you put your stuff into smaller bags or cubes within your main backpack or suitcase. This should make it easier to find the stuff you need without pulling everything out whilst also storing things in a neat and tidy way. If used well the cubes can save space and even keep your clothes crease-free.

There are loads of cubes and other packing systems on the market to suit all needs and budgets but the Pro Packing Cubes are the best we have seen so far. Here are the main things we noticed when using the cubes over the past few weeks.

If you’d like to get yourself a set they are available from Amazon in the US or Amazon UK.

Pro Packing Cubes Review: Features Breakdown


Both sets of packing cubes came inside a flat cardboard package directly from Amazon. Even with 6 cubes in a pack they neatly fit inside each other and came in a very tidy flat packaging with some information cards provided.

pro packing cubes review packaging


Despite flinging them around a few times they seem very well made and are certainly built to last. The nylon used is said to be anti-rip and should be good enough for all but the most extreme of users.

Good zips

You really don’t want your stuff stuck inside a cube when the zipper snaps off or falling out if it comes undone. The zips used on the cubes (KKY Zippers brand) are of high quality and feel tough enough to deal with the strains of regular travel. Massive plus points there.

pro packing cubes review zipper quality

Range of Sizes

The cubes come in 4 different sizes and this means they will fit in almost any use or type of item you’ll want to pack. The smaller cubes were ideal for our various undergarments and meant there were no more lost socks in the depths of our backpacks. Nice.

Nice Mesh

All of the cubes feature a high-quality mesh to allow the contents to breath easier and this also prevents any moisture getting trapped inside. There’s nothing worse than pulling on damp socks now is there?!


The feature we found the most ‘handy’ (sorry!) was the addition of the handles on all of the cubes. We could easily pull them out of our packs on the go and use them as separate mini bags if needed which was super useful.

pro packing cubes review handles


We wondered if having a few extra items in our packs would add any weight but it didn’t feel like it. Thanks to the nylon and mesh combination the cubes are super lightweight to use.

Space Saving

Obviously this would be a feature of most well-designed cubes but we both agreed that we have what seems like a lot more space in our packs now. Once we perfected the cube packing technique it allowed us to fit in more stuff if we wanted to.

pro packing cubes review backpack

We hope that helps you decide if the cubes are right for you. We can honestly say that they are now one of our most essential bits of travel kit and we will hopefully be using them for a long time to come.

If you’d like to get yourself a set they are available from Amazon in the US or Amazon UK.

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  1. The handle feature seems like a small thing but makes a huge difference. I switched from eBags to Pro packing cubes and ive never looked back. They are indeed super useful!

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