Having lived on this tiny rock in the Mediterranean for over two years, we’d love to talk you through some fun, relaxing, historic and unique things to do in Malta whenever you decide to visit.

Wedged between Sicily and the North African coast, this rocky isle is still off the radar of most travellers. And while this 316 km² archipelago could fit 5 times into London, don’t let the size fool you.

What might seem like a sleepy island during the winter months, it is brimming with thrilling things to see and do all year round.

You’ll have plenty of excitement hiking, sailing, swimming or visiting some of the oldest monuments on earth. Plus, there are a lot of free things to do in Malta too, all of which we’ve noted down for your convenience.

Look out for the ⭐ titles which are our personal favourite things to do in Malta. Here goes!

Fun (and Free) Things to Do in Malta and Gozo

Things to Do in Malta - Valletta

1. Take a Tour of Valletta ⭐

Malta has a fascinating past, dating back to the prehistoric era which really comes to life in the capital city of Valletta. And the best way to explore the historic streets here is on foot so book yourself a local walking tour.

You will get to explore Valletta on foot, hear fascinating stories about the iconic Knights of St. John and learn quirky facts about Malta.

The tours aren’t always the cheapest but can provide a great orientation when you arrive in a new place and will give you a suitable first insight into life in Malta. Charlie used to work as a freelance London tour guide and knows the difference a great tour can make!

2. Hop to Birgu ⭐

Next stop should be the ancient fortified city Birgu (aka Vittoriosa) that juts out into the Grand Harbour. Back in 1530, this oldest and the most visited city was settled as the capital of Malta.

So if you want to see the real Malta before it got destroyed, hop across the deep waters of the harbour. To appreciate the charm of this place, have a good wander through the peaceful cobbled streets or even better, join a tour to Marsovin cellars to taste the Maltese wine.

3. See Gozo in Style With Jeep Safari

Thinking of hoping to Gozo for a day trip? Great, there’re lots of fun things to see and do. Our top tip is to rent a car. But to eliminate any hassle, research and preparation of coming to a place you know nothing about, join a fun-filled jeep tour from Malta.

You’ll get to see the gems of Gozo including the nation’s favourite red-sand Ramla Bay, the fascinating Ggantija temple, legendary Calypso’s Cave, the stunning Cittadella and much more in one exciting day.Things to do in Malta - Crystal and Blue Lagoon

4. Join a Boat Tour ⭐

Your visit to Malta will not be complete without a fun trip to the iconic Blue Lagoon. Sit back, relax and admire the rocky coastline between the islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo.

These sightseeing sailing trips will take you to the Sea Caves and some of the most beautiful spots for swimming and snorkelling. A must-do while in Malta.

5. Watch a Local Football Match

Visitors are often surprised to find out that Malta has one of the oldest established football associations in the world.

After first being introduced to the islands by British servicemen, the names of the local teams today still reflect their roots such as St George’s, St Patrick’s, Hibernians and Sliema Wanderers.

Most of the clubs in the BOV Premier League don’t have a home ground so, matches tend to be played at the national stadium. A good atmosphere is always guaranteed thanks to another long-running tradition of Band Clubs who keep the tunes coming all match long.

6. Rent a 100-Year-Old Villa in Gozo

We’ve got another fun thing to do in Malta for you – rent a 100-year-old villa in Gozo.

Imagine a peaceful and secluded villa with a pool, an outdoor BBQ and a starry night. Such farmhouses can be found all over Gozo, in tiny local villages. Check them on Airbnb and gain the advantage of lower off-season prices by planning a trip to Malta in late spring.

7. Relax in St. Anton Gardens ⭐

The garden, now the official residence of the President of Malta, has been open to the public since 1882. It’s exceptionally well kept and a rare public green space on the island. Therefore, being able to visit the lovely St. Anton Garden, located in Attard, is a real treat.

This green space is gorgeous at any time of year but is in its full glory in spring. If you love gardens and are looking for things to do in Malta in May other than swimming and basking in the sun, this could be the perfect option.

Take an afternoon off and get lost in the sea of blooming flowers or take a stroll through the maze of lanky palm trees and evergreen Araucarias.

Things to Do in Malta - Red Tower

8. Pop Into the Red Tower ⭐

Malta’s entire coastline is dotted with watchtowers built by the Knights of Malta during the 17th century. But the one that stands out in the crowd is the Saint Agatha’s Tower. Locals called it the Red Tower of Malta, simply because it’s been painted in red colour during the restoration.

Built between 1647-1649 and positioned to overlook Gozo and Comino islands, it was used as a communication medium between Valletta and Gozo. It held its military purpose during the British period and was also used as a radar station by the Armed Forces of Malta.

Today the tower is run by volunteers, houses a nice exhibition and offers one of the best vantage points in Malta from its rooftop. It’s conveniently located on the way to the ferry terminal for Gozo.

9. Stand at the “Top of the World”

Malta has a pretty flat terrain for the most part with a few valleys cutting across the islands here and there. Therefore you don’t have to get up very high to grab a great view across the country.

The cheekily named Top of the World viewpoint in Għargħur is well worth a drive or climb up for a stunning vista out across the glimmering Mediterranean Sea. Plus it’s free.

On a clear day, you might just about be able to spy Sicily on the horizon too.

Things to do in Malta and Gozo - Cittadella

10. Walk the Cittadella Walls ⭐

This is a beautiful and free site to visit in Malta. Located in Rabat (Victoria) on Malta’s sister island Gozo, just a ferry-ride away from the mainland, the Cittadella is the island’s major landmark.

This ancient fortification, dating back to the Bronze Age, can be accessed free of charge via the glass lift just outside the visitor centre. A walk along this restored fortress walls offers lovely panoramic views across the peaceful Gozitan countryside.

Otherwise, if you are interested in museums and the exhibition at the visitor centre, it will cost you €5.

11. Party in Paceville

Merging with Malta’s notorious area Paceville, St. Julian attracts many party seekers ready to splash out on pricey booze. And you too can join the crowds and dance your night away until the early hours in the morning.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, join the pub crawl with a guide and benefit from complimentary drinks and local knowledge of the party life in Malta.

12. Find Your Yin and Yang

With never-ending constructions, Malta can be a very noisy place. But luckily, you can escape the chaos by visiting the tranquil Chinese Garden of Serenity in Santa Lucia.

The garden is cleverly designed into several smaller peaceful spaces where you can have a chilled stroll. Enjoy.Things to do in Malta and Gozo - Ta Pinu Sanctuary

13. Appreciate Ta Pinu in Gozo

For more free things to do in Malta, we’ve included the alluring Ta Pinu Sanctuary located just outside Gharb village.

While there are 313 churches in Malta and 46 in Gozo, we really recommended visiting this sandstone-built basilica, that has a fascinating history dating back to 1534.

If not for the church itself, come here to marvel at the gigantic hand-crafted mosaics by the entrance, representing the Stations of the cross.

14. Walk Up the Serene Ghammar Hill in Gozo

You don’t have to be religious to visit this site. But if you want great shots for your Malta album, it will provide you with a tremendous photo opportunity of Ta Pin Basilica in the distance.

While Ghammar Hill holds religious value to the locals and the guests alike, it also welcomes anyone who’s looking for peace and panoramic views across the rolling countryside. So there, another fun and free thing to do on the Maltese islands.

15. Listen to Joseph Calleja and His Guests ⭐

Every August, the world-class Maltese opera singer Joseph Calleja comes back to his home island to give his people a show of the year. And you too can join the crowds – for free!

Accompanied by a different guest each year, he shakes the Granaries in Floriana to the core with his dramatic vocals. He sang his heart out – several times – with Andrea Bocelli and had Eros Ramazzotti as a special guest in 2018.

Tickets for front-row seating can be pricey, but the standing area at the back is free of charge which is pretty incredible. Thus, if you are in Malta at the start of August, don’t miss this uplifting show.

16. Spend Your Sunday Morning in Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is most famous for its Sunday Fish Market and is home to some of the best fish and seafood restaurants on the island. Arrive at the village extra early on a Sunday to see the fisherman bring back fish from the sea.

Otherwise, avoid the Marsaxlokk Sunday Market on a Sunday afternoon, because this authentic fish market turns into a tat market. And, sadly, the large partitions obstruct the best part of the town – the waterfront.

17. Stroll the Sliema Promenade

This is one of the busiest parts of the island, packed with holidaymakers catching a ferry to Valletta, sitting in restaurants and wandering around the high street.

To escape the chaos, stroll the 3km long promenade along the rocky coast to the northwest. The natural pools carved out by the Victorians and filled with refreshing clear waters are great for cooling off in the burning Mediterranean heat.

18. Don’t Miss the Silent City ⭐

Know as a Silent City, Mdina is a very tranquil fortress with only 300 residents and a few selected others who are allowed to drive inside the city walls. To make the most of your visit to this historic city, take a two-hour Mdina tour with a friendly qualified guide.

Hear intriguing stories about Roman and Norman settlements and the revival of the city after an earthquake back in the 1600s.

If you choose to explore the city on your own, we also recommend coming here after sunset. The dimly lit passageways create a spooky yet peaceful ambience lingering within the ancient walls.

19. Relax in Gharb ⭐

Said to be the oldest town in Gozo, Gharb is the perfect place to stop for a day or two if you are after peace and quiet. And if you, like us, enjoy sniffing out local attractions, Ta’ Dbiegi Craft Village is one of them. Here you can watch locals producing pottery, glass, and hand-made lace – Gozo’s speciality.

There are a couple of lovely restaurants to pop in for lunch or dinner, and Dwejra Bay is just around the corner. If you fancy a good walk, the spectacular Ta Pinu Sanctuary is minutes away from the town. There’s a well-paved path leading all the way to the basilica.

20. Look Around St Lawrence Village

Close to Gharb, St Lawrence is another chilled village in Gozo, just uphill from the picturesque Dwejra Bay.

Our secret walk: If you take the path leading up the rock above the Inland sea, you can take a shortcut to the village and vice versa in about 10 minutes.

So if you manage to stay in St Lawrenz, you can do precisely that – grab a towel, trek down the rock and go swimming in the Inland sea.

21. Walk Victoria’s Backstreets in Gozo

The picturesque capital of Gozo was named Victoria in honour of the Queen Victoria of England back in 1887. Today its narrow winding streets house restaurants, boutique shops and tiny artists’ workshops.

Rabat, as the locals call it, is a tiny place and won’t take up a lot of your time, but spend at least an hour or so to walk the pretty backstreets and stop for a bite to eat.

Quirky & Unique Things to Do in MaltaQuirky and Unique Things to Do in Malta - Street Art in Pembroke

22. Find the Hidden Street Art in Pembroke ⭐

For unique sites to see in Malta, make your way to Pembroke. It’s a residential area with newly developed coastal walking trails where locals jog, cycle or come to walk their pups.

What makes this site quirky is the eerie building complex with some impressive murals, completed by the Maltese and Australian street artists, seen from afar.

They were painted as part of Sliema Arts Festival (2014) which usually takes place in July each year. They are depicting the Monopoly man (James Micallef Grimaud aka Twitch) and a woman with rather expressive eyes holding the world in her hands (Mark Taylor aka Clap).

Originally the complex has been built in the 1960s and was known as the married quarters for the British Military. However, after the British left, the complex was abandoned and sadly, still is till this day.

When you visit the site be cautious, it’s not currently maintained. Therefore, be mindful and use common sense when wandering around the buildings.

23. Go For a Midnight Walk Across Malta

From some of the quirkiest and unique things to do in Malta, why not choose to join hundreds of local fundraisers on the annual Hospice Malta Midnight Walk.

You can experience a party atmosphere as you wander the 4 or 9 km route, setting off from Bugibba around 10.30pm to raise funds for the Malta Hospice project.

The event takes place in September each year, just register in advance to claim your place at the starting line!

24. Ponder the Mystery of the Cart Ruts

Wander the Maltese countryside, and you’ll soon trip over one of the numerous ‘cart ruts’ carved into the rocky landscape. The intriguing thing is, archaeologists can’t agree on how, why or even when they were created.

These tracks in the rock might be evidence of Bronze Age activity in Malta, or even primitive Roman building techniques. To add to the mystery, some of the ruts even run right up to cliff edges and then continue out under the sea. Very strange.

One of the best spots to see the ruts is at Siggiewi on the south coast of Malta island. The locals have given this site the cheeky nickname of Clapham Junction due to the sheer number of ruts here.

25. Join the Locals in a Maltese Festa ⭐

The colourful Maltese Festa is a unique attraction on the island and you should try to see at least one if you can. It’s not just a religious celebration, but also fierce competition for the best fireworks and decorations between the towns and villages.

The festivals take place throughout the year but are in full swing in the summertime. You can check out the full calendar of the Maltese celebrations on the official Visit Malta website and plan your trip around them.

Quirky Things to Do in Malta - Earth Garden

26. Crash the Hippie Earth Garden Festival

What to do in Malta in May-June? Let your hair down and join the wild three-day Earth Garden party in the Maltese wilderness.

It’s Malta’s best-kept secret, that’s why you’ve probably never heard of it. But it’s good fun.

Hosted in the Ta’ Qali National Park the event has a chilled vibe. Once inside, you get access to chill out zones and many different areas housing local and international musicians.

The music styles here range from dub and reggae to electronic music stages blasting out techno and rave in the lantern illuminated forest.

This is the place to have your face glammed-up in glitter, wear fluorescence clothes and feel the positive energy.

If anything, it’s a perfect place to escape the busy streets of Malta if you have some extra time during your Maltese holidays. The festival takes place from May 31st – 3rd June.

27. Camp in Comino

Camping might not come to mind when you think of rocky Malta, but it’s an option. Locals here love beach camping, and the tiny island of Comino even has a campsite with basic washing facilities at Santa Marija Bay.

Just imagine the peace and quietness you could enjoy when camping on this almost inhabited Maltese island – a pretty unique experience in Malta if you love outdoors.

28. Tour Around Lord Chambray Brewery

When visiting Gozo, plan a tour around this beautiful beer house. Founded in 2014, the Lord Chambray Brewery is one of the first breweries of its kind on the Maltese islands.

While you can buy their craft beers in bars and shops, booking a tour with them could be quite a unique experience in Malta. It’s more fun this way. Things to Do in Malta - Popeye's Village

29. Goof Around at Popeye’s Village

Popeye Village is one of the major attractions to visit on the main Maltese island, even if you don’t have children. But if you are travelling to Malta with kids, it’s a magic wonderland.

There’s a cinema, mini golf with sea views, restaurants and even a splash pool to cool down in the heat.

In case you are travelling on a budget there’s a way for you to have a sneak peek of the Popeye’s Village, without paying a penny for the panoramic view. Park your car at the Anchor bay across from the village and take a few minutes to take in the sight.

It can be hectic here during the summer months, but October or May are perfect for dodging the crowds.

30. Take a Pup for a Walk ⭐

We might be pushing the boundaries with this one, but this could be a very heart-warming and meaningful thing to do. Spare one morning to take a pup or two for a lovely much-needed walk.

Noah’s Ark does a good job of looking after abandoned dogs on the island and provides good-hearted people with an opportunity to take those adorable pooches out for a walk. Volunteers here are great, they love the four-legged residents and look after them as much as they can.

Every dog in the house has a description card which tells you what they like and what’s their character. Very helpful for newbies.

Just turn up and say hello to the volunteers who work in the shelter (they wear yellow t-shirts so are easy to spot).Things to Do in Malta - Haunted Valletta Tour

31. Discover Valletta’s Haunted Side

There are many fun things to do in Valletta, but nothing is as fun and spooky as the Haunted tour of the capital of Malta.

When the darkness falls upon the city, it turns into a maze of dimly-lit streets and ghostly shadows. If you are brave enough, book here and learn Valletta’s darkest secrets.

32. Wander the Candle-Lit Vittoriosa ⭐

Imagine narrow winding streets of picture-perfect Birgu dotted with thousands of flickering candles and lanterns in complete darkness – a sight to behold.

Birgufest is an atmospheric three-day event held in Birgu (Vittoriosa) that helps both locals and visitors to delve into the culture, history and art of the Maltese islands.

During the day you can enjoy concerts and visit many historic buildings, including the ghostly Inquisitor’s Palace, free of charge.

33. Witness Explosive Village Rivalry ⭐

As we’ve mentioned, Festas are a massive deal in Malta, as the rivalry between the island’s villages and towns heats up throughout the summer. The sparring starts as early as April with the Mechanised Ground Firework Festival.

Known locally as “Nar tal-Art”, the competition sees most of the local fireworks societies build and ignite some amazing mechanical constructions in Saint Publius Square, Floriana.

Think giant mecharno structures covered in fireworks and you’ll get the idea!

34. Join a Nocturnal Celebration

To see Valletta in full bloom, visit Malta in October. Autumn in Malta is the time when the annual even Notte Bianca (White Night) floods the streets of the capital city with visual arts, music and delicious food.

During the event, you’ll also have the perfect opportunity to visit the best museums including the National Museum of Archaeology, the Grandmaster’s Palace, the Fortifications Interpretation Centre and Fort St Elmo – National War Museum, for free.

35. Spot the Jesus Tree

This is something you’ll see on off the main road when driving towards Mdina. The tree looks like Jesus on the Cross. It might be difficult to spot it from the road, but if you see fresh flowers laying around a tree, you’ve found it.

The locals still pay tribute to the Jesus tree because they believe in the legend that the tree was struck by lightning and change its form as a result.

36. Fly to Malta for the Isle of MTV Festival

If you love music, sunshine and the sea combined, then you should come to Malta for the Isle of MTV festival. It takes place at the Granaries (Fosos) in Floriana, right in front of the beautiful St. Publius Church.

The festival brings together crowds of music-loving locals and visitors alike. It takes place on the 7th July and includes headlines from the likes of the Chainsmokers, NCE, Jonas Blue and Raye to Martin Garrix and Jason Derulo.

What to Do in Malta in January & February

Things to Do in Malta in Winter - Victoria Lines Trek

37. Trek the Victoria Lines ⭐

There are a few short walks across the country, but if you are an outdoors enthusiast, try the longer trek – the famous Victoria Lines in Malta.

The trek from coast to coast up and down the rocky paths will provide you with fantastic panoramic views north as far as the eye can see.

The route is best accomplished in winter or early spring before the weather heats up too much. So if you’re wondering what is there to do in Malta in January, this is the perfect activity.

38. Explore Xemxija Heritage Trail

If an all-day walk along the ‘Great Wall of Malta’ sounds a bit too much, you can try the Xemxija Heritage Trail.

Also known as the Roman Road, it’s a 2,000-year-old trail which leads you to some ancient beehives, burial caves, reconstructed farmers hut and a massive carob tree. The bean pulp from this tree is used in food preparation and also in making medicine to relieve coughs.

Download the trail’s official app for full details. Just be sure to wear some comfortable footwear and pack enough water to keep you going.

39. Do the Xlendi Wak in Gozo

Just like the Victoria Lines, Xlendi hike in Gozo could be a rewarding cliff-top trek if you are looking for cool things to do in January or February.

This handy guide will help you navigate the route.

40. Walk the Scenic Ramla Bay

This 8km walk will take you on a scenic journey through the Gozitan countryside and historic local villages until you reach the red-sand covered Ramla Bay.

Along the way, you’ll also have the chance to explore the legendary Calypso’s Cave that Homer referred to in his Odyssey.

41. Attend the In Guardia Parade

The Military re-enactment of the Knights of St. John is worth seeing whether you are into history or not – it’s a unique experience in Malta.

The In Guardia Parade is an imitation of the actual inspection procedure that was an ongoing event inside Malta’s fortresses. Expect sword duels, marching, loud commands, and even louder firing of the guns canons.

The event usually takes place at St. Elmo Fort in Valletta from Feb to March, but in June and July, it’s held at the Grand Master’s Palace.

What to Do in Malta When it’s Raining?

Things to Do in Malta - Knights Hospitallers

42. Learn About Knights Hospitallers

This charming easy-to-miss museum will help you get to grips with the history and importance of the Hospitaller Order of Chivalry in medieval Malta.

If not for the history, visit the hospital for its splendid dimly-lit interior and exciting facts about the early medical practices.

You can visit this site independently or as part of the Malta experience. There are three floors to be explored on your visit including the fascinating tunnels. However, due to the museum being located in the conference centre, you might not be able to get access to them all.

You can ask at the reception whether they have any functions happening on the day before buying tickets. But, either way, it’s an interesting museum to visit.

43. See the Famous Caravaggio Painting

Signed with the real blood of the beheaded, this famous painting is dark and gory, just like the scene itself – the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

This national treasure, housed in Co-Cathedral of St. John in Valletta, attracts hordes of curious locals and visitors alike to investigate what’s the hype about this artwork.

Along with the ticket to see the painting of the 17th century, you will also be granted access to the church itself which is as pompous as most of the churches are in Malta.

Have a good wonder though, it’s quite spectacular.

The audio guide is great and it will tell you stories about Caravaggio the painter and the blood-soaked details of this piece of art.

44. Feel the Chills at the Inquisitor’s House ⭐

While wandering the picturesque streets of Birgu (aka Vittoriosa), check out the Inquisitor’s Palace, the seat of the Maltese Inquisition from 1574 to 1798.

It’s one of the very few Inquisitor’s palaces that has survived the test of time and the only Inquisitors house in the world, open to the general public.

45. Explore at Esplora

Based in a former Royal Navy hospital building which looks out across the Grand Harbour, this science and discovery centre is a great place to occupy the kids for a few hours.

You can pop into the Activity Centre for hands-on workshops, and entertaining science shows most days or pitch up for one of the many special events at this unique venue. There’s also a cafe, 4k Planetarium and picnic area and botanical garden to explore.

46. Set Sail at the Maritime Museum

The impressive Malta Maritime Museum, housed in the Old Naval Bakery building at Birgu (Vittoriosa), charts over 7000 years of Maltese maritime history. Visitors can discover how the high seas have helped to shape the islands from the first settlers to Malta’s crucial role in global warfare.

Highlights of the extensive collection include the largest Roman lead anchor in the World weighing 4 Tons, a 1950’s working marine steam engine plus over 60 full size traditional Maltese boats.Things to Do in Malta - Domvs Romana

47. Be Stunned by Domvs Romana ⭐

Located between Rabat and Mdina, literally in the middle of the road, you’ll find Domvs Romana, ruins of the Roman-era townhouse. It’s a small museum with a big heritage dating back to the 1st Century.

A fascinating part of this place is the expertly crafted Roman mosaics. Occupying a large area of the floor in the main hall, they seem to be unbelievably well-preserved.

Apart from the mosaics, you’ll also have a chance to see a set of intricate marble statues depicting the Roman Emperor Claudius and his family. You’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of many other artefacts about the daily life of a wealthy Roman family.

48. Visit Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum ⭐

Dating back to about 4000BC, Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum is one of the most – if not the most – fascinating things to see in Malta. It’s a maze of interconnected stone-carved burial chambers hidden underground.

During your guided tour through the three levels of the Hypogeum, you’ll discover ancient marvels like wall paintings and carvings that are similar to those found in the Maltese Megalithic temples, preserved in stone and time.

As with many popular attractions in Malta, we recommend pre-booking your tickets in advance. Especially if you are planning to visit Malta in the peak season, between early June – late September.

49. Snoop Around the Catacombs in Rabat

Mdina’s lovely neighbour Rabat is a place where you’ll find the oldest Roman underground cemetery in Malta.

Just like the famous Hypogeum, St. Paul’s catacombs are an interconnected underground burial site covering an area of 2000 sq. meters. Dating back as far as 7th Century AD, the site is connected to the tale of St. Paul’s shipwreck.

The islanders believe that it was the Apostle Paul himself who brought Christianity to the island and Malta was one of the first Roman colonies to convert as a result.

If you want to learn more about the shipwreck, pop into St. Paul’s Grotto from where he preached and healed people. It’s located beneath the 17th-century Collegiate Church of St. Paul in the centre of the town.Things to Do in Malta - Rotunda, Mosta

50. See the Miracle of Mosta ⭐

On 9th April 1942, a German 500kg bomb fell through the roof damaging the dome but failing to explode, a true miracle. Three hundred people were present at the time, but no one perished in the church that evening.

Therefore, built by Giorgio Grognet de Vassé, a French citizen resident of Mosta, the church is often referred to as ‘The Bomb Miracle 9 April 1942’ by the Maltese. You can see a replica of the explosive inside the cathedral – look for the small room to the left of the altar.

Mosta itself is a very pleasant place to visit in Malta but a little difficult to get to with the local transport. Therefore, if your time is limited on the island, you could book yourself a tour and let the locals take you to Mosta, Mdina and Ta’Qali village in one day.

51. Check Out the National Museum of Archaeology

A visit to the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta after or before visiting the prehistoric temples could be a nice extension of your archaeological explorations in Malta.

An impressive building itself, the museum is home to an important collection of artefacts dating back to 5,000 BC and displays some of our ancestors’ belongings.

52. Peek Into Manoel Theatre

Reputed to be Europe’s third-oldest working theatre, and the oldest working theatre in the Commonwealth of Nations, Teatru Manuel is worth a sneak peek.

Built back in 1731, it survived WWII and is now Malta’s National Theatre and home to the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

53. Rent an Electric Car ⭐

To avoid the car hire places, renting an electric car for short trips can be a good alternative. It’s a fairly new concept in Malta but is proving to be quite popular.

The cars, scattered across Malta and Gozo, are a dream to drive and the sign-up process is easy and quick. All you have to do is download the app, and you are good to go.

For more information on how the scheme works, check our post: GOTO Car Hire – Honest Review.

Fun in the Sun

Things to do in Malta & Gozo - Ghan Tuffieha Bay

54. Walk the Għajn Tuffieħa Trail ⭐

With the 300 steps leading down into the bay, the Għajn Tuffieħa beach is loved by both locals and travellers.

Sheltered by the rocky cliffs, it also hosts a cafe/restaurant, Riviera Martinique that serves decent (but slightly pricey) food and drinks. The cafe runs live music nights in the summer months, so this could be another excellent thing to do in Malta if you are nearby.

However, the most exciting part of visiting the bay is not the sunbathing, but the walking trail. It will take you up the moon-like rocks and offer you a beautiful panoramic view over the stunning Għajn Tuffieħa bay and the next bay over.

Be sure to stay till sunset because the bay is great for sunset watching, especially from the rocky trail. Surprisingly, not many sunseekers explore the rocky way, so you could have the whole place almost to yourself.

55. Cool Down in Sliema Pools

Malta’s coastline is dotted with unique, naturally landscaped beaches and even natural Victorian-carved jacuzzi baths. These rocky shores are great for a quick drop into the sea or a chilled afternoon swim.

If you are staying anywhere between Sliema and St. Julian’s, the picturesque natural pools along the Sliema Promenade behind the Surfside restaurant are a great spot for a refreshing paddle.

56. Cliff Jump at St. Peter’s Pool ⭐

Among many bays and natural pools in Malta, visiting St. Peter’s Pool could be one of the best things to do in Malta on a sizzling-hot day.

The crayon-blue water pool surrounded by the white chalk rocks is a beach that’s popular with locals who love cliff jumping. The high rocky shores here provide a thrilling couple of meter drop into the sea, and the crystal-clear water offers great snorkelling opportunities.

Don’t forget your GoPro!

57. Catch the Sun at Golden Bay

This is one of the most visited bays in Malta among the island visitors. It’s a beautiful sandy bay edging the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, but it gets incredibly crowded during the summer months.

58. Join The Locals at Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is the third bay in the area, lined with local fishing huts.

If you don’t mind the curious looks from the locals, you can find a spot next to one of the huts. Getting into the water here is also more comfortable than on the sandy shore.

As the sun starts sinking behind the rocks, you’ll see locals arrive with all the necessary equipment for a soulful BBQ feast on the beach. The atmosphere at this time of day is fantastic, one of those priceless local scenes in Malta!Things to Do in Malta - Marks & Dukes Window

59. Find The Slugs Bay and Marks & Dukes Window

Slugs bay will do nicely for an off-the-beaten-path Malta experience. But you’ll have to leave your car behind and scramble down some rocks to reach this pretty pocket beach away from the main tourist track.

To reach the sandy bay, drive north towards Mellieha and use these coordinates: 35.9861° N, 14.3731° E.

Just past the beautiful Slugs Bay, you’ll see a tiny chapel of Immaculate Conception. Park here and walk along the cliffs, past the giant Aloe Vera plants, towards the Marks & Dukes Window. Could this rocky arch qualify as a mini version of the fallen Azure Window? You tell us when you see it!

Be mindful and don’t litter when visiting the cliffs of L-Irdum tal-Madonna. The area is home to Yelkouan Shearwater birds who return to breed here each year. Keep it clean for the seabirds.

60. Sunbathe on Ramla Bay

Surrounded by the crystal-clear Mediterranean sea, Gozo boasts a couple of sandy beaches and many little rocky bays. Ramla, also known as the red sand beach, is one of them.

This is one of the broader beaches on the island and very much loved by both locals and visitors.

61. Enjoy San Blas

Next door to Ramla Bay you’ll find San Blas, another natural, rust-like sandbank on the island. Surrounded by the rocky coastlines, it’s a fetching replica of the Ghan Tuffieha bay in Malta.

62. Discover Xlendi Bay

Located on the southwest coast, Xlendi is one of the most spectacular bays on the island.

Some of the most popular things to do in Xlendi include swimming, snorkelling, diving and hiking. In the summer months, this picturesque fishing village is buzzing with waterfront restaurants and bars – a perfect spot for lunch or dinner.

63. Swim in the Inland Sea

The Inland sea in Dwerja Bay is a great swimming spot if you are not a fan of deep waters. Sheltered by the dramatic rocks, it provides you with the perfect paddling pool even early in the spring while the sea is still warming up.

64. Explore Dwejra Bay

Even though the Azure Window is long gone, Dwejra Bay is still a beautiful site to visit. And there’s more to it than just the fallen national treasure.

There’s the shallow Inland Sea, ancient Fungus Rock and the deep Blue Hole nearby with its perfect entry into the clear Mediterranean sea.

65. Gaze at the Salt Pans in Gozo ⭐

From the many things to do in Malta’s sister island Gozo, the stained-glass-like salt pans are a big part of the Gozitans’ everyday life. Locals have been harvesting Gozitan sea salt here for over 350 years.

To see the picturesque salt pools, head to the north of the island, towards Marsalforn. You’ll see them right past the Qbajjar bay.Things to Do in Malta - Sail the Maltese Islands

66. Take the Grand Harbour Tour with a Local

This kind of tour could be another cool and quirky thing to do in Malta.

In Valletta, at the bottom of the Upper Barrakka Gardens, near the ferry service to the Three Cities, look for gondola-like boats.

These are the local boats crewed by the young Maltese who, for a small fee, will take you around the Grand Harbour and give you a pretty comprehensive lesson in the history of Malta.

After the informative and enjoyable cruise, they will drop you off at Birgu, or wherever else you wish, if you ask nicely. And if they can let you step out of the boat securely.

Of course, quality may vary, but still, cruising around the harbour in a tiny boat and seeing the mighty fortifications of the capital city from below, is quite breathtaking.

However, if you are not keen on small boats, there is a 90-minute harbour cruise and a 4-hour private harbour tour leaving from Sliema and Valletta respectively.
Things to Do in Malta - Blue Grotto

67. Take a Boat to the Blue Grotto

On your next spring/summer trip to Malta, plan a little boat adventure to the iconic Blue Grotto rock formation in the fishing village Zurriech. Early in the morning, when the sun is shining, you can see beautiful light reflections as you pass the natural caverns.

For the best experience, jump aboard a local fisherman’s boat. However, if the day is shaping up to be moody, save your pennies and admire the rocky arch from the viewing platform at the top of the cliffs.

68. Enjoy Pretty Bays in St. Julian’s Area

St. Julian’s is home to the beautiful Balluta and Spinola Bays and Malta’s top hotel, the 5-star luxury Westin Dragonara Resort.

A real mix of business offices, Thai spas and pretty good food scene, St. Julian’s is a very lively area to hang around at any time, day or night.

Swimming here is good since the bays here offer sheltered natural swimming pools with ladders attached to the cliff’s edge to help you get into the sea.

69. Get Wet in Splash & Fun Water Park

Travelling with kids?

Then the water park could be good fun in the sun. Located just off the scenic, newly-refurbished coastal road, it’s the only water park on the island.

It can get pretty busy during the season so getting there as early as possible always helps to beat the crowd.

70. Dive in the Maltese Waters

Malta, specifically Gozo is known as a European diving mecca among diving enthusiasts. The brave and experienced head to the Lantern Point on the southeastern side of Camino for a thrilling dive in a 40-meter underwater tunnel.

If you are thinking of learning to dive, Malta has a number of licensed schools to help you experience the underwater world.

71. Snorkel in Malta

If you have your own snorkelling equipment, bring it along to Malta. The waters here are some of the clearest in Europe making it perfect for sea life spotting on any beach.

Some of the best snorkelling spots include the shallow waters of Qawra Point, the Crystal Lagoon, Cirkewwa or Santa Maria Caves.

72. Lounge by the Pool

If you don’t like beaches too much, you could spend a day lounging by the pool. Cafe del Mar, a replica of one of the most influential brands, Cafe del Mar in Ibiza, could be just the place to visit in Malta.

Due to various music gigs, the open pool attracts lots of party-thirsty youngsters but visiting the place during the daytime on a weekday, could be a much more chilled experience.

73. Sip Cocktails at MedAsia Playa

Conveniently located in Sliema, MedAsia is a lido that offers a little bit of everything. It has a few pools on separate levels with access to the sea, a restaurant, cocktail bar and chilled music.

If the venue is not booked for staff pool parties by the local companies, you could have a chilled day reading a book while lounging on a sunbed.

74. Kayak the Med

Renting a kayak to explore the rocky coastline is a great thing to do in Malta during the summer season. And finding a place to rent one won’t be a problem.

Many of the most popular beaches such as Golden Bay, Gnejna Bay and St. Julian’s area will have the facilities where you can rent a kayak with minimal hassle.Things to Do in Malta - Windsurf

75. Windsurf if You Dare

If you always wanted to try your luck gliding through the water, then visit the sun-kissed island outside of the busy season when the wind picks up in Malta between November and March.

You’ll find several good spots to windsurf in Malta including Mellieha, St. Julian’s/Sliema, and St. Thomas Bay. The latter is a little bit far out in Marsaskala, so you will need to hire a  car for convenience. But getting there is worth it as it’s less busy than the other popular bays on the island.

Private two-hour windsurfing lessons start from €80 and go up to €200 for a six-hour private windsurfing course with a qualified instructor.

76. Try Out Jet Skiing

Are you a thrill-seeker planning your trip to Malta? Exploring the coastline on a jet ski could be quite an adventurous thing to do in Malta.

Twenty-minute rides are widely available across the island from €45 per person. Jet Ski safaris for two, where you get to visit Malta, Gozo, and Comino, start from €160.

77. Have Fun Parasailing

If you want even more buzz on your Maltese holiday with panoramic views beneath your feet, try parasailing. Just like with any water sports activities in Malta, parasailing is easily accessible around the island. So if you think you can budget for one more exciting activity, the fun starts at €40 per person.

78. Chill on Comino

This tiny island with only 3 residents is well known for its stunning Blue Lagoon and gets extremely crowded during the summer season.

But beware that there’s no shade on the island unless you bring your own parasol, which you might be charged for additionally on top of your regular boat fare. Save your skin from painful sunburns by bringing plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and cover-ups!

For €9 per adult, United Comino Ferries provide regular round trips to this tiny piece of rock from Marfa and Cirkewwa.

Alternatively, for a swim and snorkel in both the Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon, you can book an all-day cruise with the local boat companies.

79. Inspect the National War Museum & Fort Saint Elmo ⭐

If you love history and would like to learn what Malta was like during World War I and World War II, visit the National War Museum. It’s a well-planned site that houses an extensive collection of photographs and other war memorabilia such as crashed aircraft and weapons.

Among the many displayed relics, look out for The George Cross that which awarded to Malta by King George VI in 1942. The cross is the second-highest award of the United Kingdom for heroism and courage in extreme danger and nonetheless is a highly valued possession by the islands of Malta.

The museum and grounds is a lovely site to visit and one of the top things to do in Malta. Besides, the views from the star-shaped Fort Saint Elmo stretching towards the Three Cities over the Grand Harbour, are lovely.

Outdoors Activities in Malta

Things to Do in Malta and Gozo - Gozo Countryside

80. Take a Tour Around Gozo ⭐

In our personal experience, it pays off renting a car in Gozo. But we also know it can be a pain in the butt to try and navigate all these narrow lanes and crevices on the island that’s even tinier than Malta.

To avoid the hassle and to see all the hidden gems of the island, you can pre-book a full-day Gozo experience, one of the best-rated experiences on the island.

As a bonus, you will get to experience the boat ride past the iconic Blue Lagoon and the island of Comino.

81. Zipline in Malta

Ziplining could be one of those crazy fun activities in Malta if you don’t mind dangling high over the Grand Harbour as you zip away from the walled fortifications of Valletta.

82. Go on an Off-Road Biking Adventure

If you are interested in seeing off the beaten paths in Malta, off-road biking could be a good option.

There are a couple of mountain bike renting spots on the island if you are a confident cyclist. Try the Be Green Malta and The Cyclist shops.

If you prefer having a group cycle along the rocky coastline, you can always join an organised tour. Some companies might offer a taster session for first-timers.

83. Go to the Highest Point in Malta

Another fun thing to do in Malta is to take in the panoramic views across the sweeping Maltese coastline from the edge of Dingli Cliffs.

Overlooking the green terraced fields and the Mediterranean sea, the cliffs are especially beautiful at sunset. There’s a small chapel, St. Mary Magdalene, sitting at the top. It has a wooden walkway placed all around it for easy access to one of the best vantage points on the island.

You can easily get here by hire car or take public transport. The latter could be tricky though. Instead, you can book a scenic tour which will take you to the cliffs, Buskett Gardens and Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar. All three are worth a visit.

84. Play Laser Tag

If you are visiting the island with a bunch of friends or family, you can try the laser tag activity in Malta. It’s like paintball but with less pain involved.

85. Hop On a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus

We know what it’s like having limited time on the island, especially when you have to rely on local transportation. While the distances in Malta aren’t big, it takes a long time to get anywhere on the bus due to multiple stops along the way.

Getting from place to place can soon become a hassle trying to work out which bus goes where.

So if you are planning to do sightseeing in Malta in a short space of time, get yourself a hop on hop off bus ticket – there’s no shame in joining a touristy bus if it means you’ll have a more enjoyable and stress-free day.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about buying bus tickets or printing the voucher. Simply show it on your smartphone to the driver and off you go exploring. Nice one.

86. Follow Mdina Audio Tour ⭐

If you’ve added Mdina to your checklist, you can download an audio sightseeing tour packed with fascinating stories about the city, map and directions.

Your self-guided walk around this spooky walled city will be more informative and enjoyable with this app. You can download the audio guide here at no additional cost to you.

Discover the Ancient World of MaltaThings to Do in Malta and Gozo - Ġgantija Temples, Gozo

87. Learn About Ġgantija Temples in Gozo ⭐

Step back in time at the prehistoric Ġgantija Temples, constructed between 3600 and 3200 BC. Don’t miss your chance to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site built even before the famous Stonehenge in England.

88. Check Out Tarxien Temple

Used for animal sacrifice rituals, Tarxien Temple is one of the most elaborate ancient temples of Malta. The site features the remains of 4 temples with lavishly decorated stone blocks, reliefs, massive statues & altars. It’s just a 12-minute drive from Valletta.

89. Marvel at Ta’ Ħaġrat Temple

Ta’ Ħaġrat Temple is the only Temple site which is built entirely of local Upper Coralline Limestone and well worth a look.

90. Savour Skorba Temple

Skorba Temple located on the outskirts of Mġarr is another UNESCO site in Malta. It provides not only a great insight into the oldest free-standing monuments on earth but also lovely views of the surrounding landscape.

Before planning your visit, we recommend checking the official Heritage Malta website for an up to date information and opening times.Things to Do in Malta - Prehistoric Malta Temples

91. Spot Mnajdra Temple ⭐

Mnajdra Temple, made of coralline limestone, has been used as an astronomical observatory. Visit the temple during the summer solstice to witness the sunlight passing directly through the main entrance.

92. Pop Into Ħaġar Qim Temple ⭐

At the Ħaġar Qim Temple, you will discover an elliptical hole which also aligns with the Summer Solstice sunrise. Similarly to the Mnajdra Temple, the sun’s rays pass through this hole illuminating stone blocks just opposite the main entrance.

All of the above sites are worth visiting but if you want to save time and take any hassle out of your holiday in Malta, take a tour to Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim and learn all about the prehistoric temples from an expert.

Food and Drink Experiences in Malta

Things to Do in Malta - Afternoon Tea at Palazzo Parisio

93. Have an Afternoon Tea at Palazzo Parisio ⭐

For a luxurious afternoon tea experience in Malta, head to Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar. This green space is the only privately-owned garden on the island.

While at the palace, you can also visit the opulent rooms. And have a nose around the beautiful gardens bursting with flowering trees, herb and tropical fruit gardens. Then, when you are ready to chill, order tea at the Luna restaurant.

The high tea here comes with a hefty price tag. But you can pick and choose the best parts out of the selection – the tea and the cakes. This way you’ll save your pennies. Tea here is delicious and refreshing and pastries – fresh, prepared daily by the chef.

94. Feast at the Annual Strawberry Festival

Love strawberries? Then visit Malta in April and head to Mgarr for everything strawberry. There will be food, drink, music and… a lot of berries. Festa Frawli takes place in the main square just outside the picturesque Parish Church.

95. Visit Maltese and Gozitan Vineyards

Some of the nation’s favourite vineyards include the award-winning Emmanuel Delicata family winemaker, Marsovin, and Marnisi Estate. If you can’t find time to book a tour, try timing your visit to Malta with the wine festival.

96. Experience the Delicata Classic Wine Festival

Panoramic views, sea breeze, and vine always go well together.

Come to the island in August. Sipping the local produce at the Delicata Classic Wine Festival could be a lovely thing to do in Malta. This annual event is hosted atop the beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta (Nadur in Gozo in September).

97. Eat Fenkata

If you are a meat-eater, try the famous rabbit stew – the traditional Maltese dish called Fenkata. These are some of the best places to eat the rabbit dish: Maltese Mama in St. Julian’s, Tac Canti in Mgarr and Qrendi Bocci Club in Il-Qrendi.

98. Eat Pastizzi

For some more down-to-earth street food, try pastizzi. These flaky pastry cakes come stuffed with peas or ricotta. And you’ll find this savoury traditional dish on every corner in Malta.

While they are not the healthiest option, they make a tasty and cheap snack when you are on the go.Things to Do in Malta - Eat Pastini

99. Try Pastini

Locally known as Maltese almond cookies, they come in different shapes and sizes. But in general, they are round and swirly, encrusted with almonds or candied cherries. Yum!

100. Drink Kinnie ⭐

This is a weird one, and you might need time to appreciate the taste of this local coke-like drink.

It can taste funky at the beginning because it has a strong bitter-orange an aromatic herb aftertaste.

But the more you drink it, the more you love it. Pair it with dark rum for an improved Cuba Libre taste.

101. Stop at Cafe Cordina

Cafe Cordina is a Maltese institution serving mouth-watering cakes in stunning surroundings. They also sell tasty sandwiches making it the perfect pit stop while sightseeing in Valletta.

Have you enjoyed the post? Let us know which of the things you’ve done or are planning to do in Malta in the comments below.  

Things to do in Malta and Gozo
Things to do in Malta All Year Round
Things to do in Malta

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  1. I was worried when I made the choice to study in Malta. I am no longer worried, now I am filled with a wanderlust to explore Malta. I really hope the situation with Covid won’t mess up the experience

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