Just before you set off on your adventures we have some travel advice for you based on our daily experience out on the road.

A little bit of travel advice

As we’ve travelled around and chatted to fellow travellers you begin to realise that there are some common bits of travel advice that people often share. We like to call them the ‘unwritten rules of travel’.

Here they are…

Be respectful 
Treat others as you like to be treated, just because there’s a communication barrier or cultural difference, be respectful. We are all humans, have the same needs and want the same basic things after all.

Stay safe
In a general sense, take care of yourself, there’s only one of you. It’s no fun travelling with a scrape or injury so take a few seconds more before you jump into the sea or get off that motorbike. Also keep a check on your mental state, travelling can do weird things to your brain so keep yourself in check.

Listen to others
As mentioned you can pick up some valuable travel tips from locals and fellow travellers alike. Take the time to listen to people and let them tell their story, you never know where it could lead.

It’s often said that travel is the best kind of education money can’t buy so take the opportunity to learn from it. Let it ignite passions that you didn’t know you even had. Use the time and space travel gives you to listen to your heart and find those passions.

Push yourself 
It would be a shame to spend all the time, money and effort to travel just to have a ‘nice’ time. Push yourself a little and turn it into an amazing time. Start talking to strangers, get active, be cultural, whatever it is that scares you a bit is doing you good. Do more of that.

Don’t be scared
Our final bit of travel advice is the most important. Leave your fears at home.

Combine all the above and you’ll soon see that the big scary world the media loves to portray doesn’t really exist. Sure bad stuff happens but usually not right where you are standing. People are mostly just as kind and lovely as you are, go and meet them.


Now get out there and enjoy it!

So the hard work is over, phew.

You’ve done a ton of research, picked somewhere, got your meds, booked your flights, got yourself a backpack and packed it and finally you are ready. Ready to explore the world.

One last tip… Have a blast! We wish you all the best on your travels.

Cheers, Charlie & Kristina

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