We loved our stay at W Home Bangkok. The reason we chose this boutique hotel is because we wanted to stay away from all the hustle and bustle on our first couple of nights in Bangkok. It is no big secret that Bangkok can be and will be overwhelming for first timers so choose your accommodation wisely.

We knew we will be tired after our long haul flight so dealing with the jet lag and tiredness in a place where we didn’t feel cosy just wasn’t going to cut it for us.

Ok, it might cost you a few more pennies to book something a little more luxury in Bangkok, but believe me, it’s worth it. You will wake up fresh and rested, ready to take on one of the hottest cities in the world. And anyway, later in your travels you can even out the expenses by staying in cheaper places.


The hotel is conveniently located only 2 minutes walk from Chao Phraya express boat pier and 5-6 minute walk to the famous ‘Asiatique Riverside’ shopping & food mall.

Throughout the day and especially in the evenings a vast amount of local food stalls was available on the main road, minutes away from the hotel.  Always a bonus if you craving some good quality noodles.

Quiet sreet near W Home Bangkok, Thailand

The Room and Garden at W Home Bangkok

On our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the staff, who offered us some refreshments while dealing with the registration. Everything was nice and smooth and soon we were enjoying the coolness of our room on the second (or first if you are British) floor.

The room was quite small, but we loved it! The sheets were crisp clean, the mattress was nice and comfy and the pillows were just the right softness. The ambience in the room was soothing and we were soon snoring our jet lag away. The hotel was so peaceful.

W Home Bangkok boutique hotel, Thailand

The bathroom is shared by 2 other rooms on the first floor, but it was spacious, clean and only a few steps away from our room.

A small front garden is beautifully furnished with a water feature, swing chair and other small details. We enjoyed our evenings with a couple of our first Thai beers in this peaceful garden.

W Home Bangkok front garden, Thailand

Amazing Breakfast


The best thing about this hotel (apart from lovely staff and beautiful surroundings) was breakfast! It was delightful. This is another reason why you should stay in a good place on your first visit. Not only we received a first class service, but were also smoothly introduced to the indulgent Thai cuisine.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the breakfast appeared on our table. It was a variety of things, from the usual juice, tea, coffee (instant, sadly) to rice soup to exotic fruit to an amazing array of sweet treats. Not to mention the presentation, the food came in beautiful white and blue china bowls and trays bursting with colourful goodies.

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W Home Bangkok breakfast, Thailand

The staff, after discovering that I don’t eat red meat, made sure to customise the breakfast soup especially for me. Traditionally Thai breakfast soup consists of rice and pork, but they cooked it with chicken. That was super sweet of them to do.

We followed the delicious soup with some fruit and a selection of coconut based sweet treats I never knew existed. Some tasted sweet, others slightly salty, but all equally enjoyable and very filling.

The Verdict

We really loved staying at this boutique hotel and would recommend staying here. We had a great experience and a quality rest. At 1,362 THB ($39) per night with the beautiful breakfast included, we think this place was an excellent value choice.

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W Home Bangkok, Thailand

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