1. Hi Charlie & Kristina you guys are rocking I love to visit Singapore someday. But it kind a very expensive though. Any suggestion for cheap place to visit in Singapore.

    • Hey Yulie, thanks for your kind comment, we loved Singapore. But yes food and accommodation can be pricey so we picked an Airbnb shared apartment to the east of the center which was around $50 Singapore Dollars a night. It worked out well for us otherwise there are several hostels with dorm beds from SD$40. Hope that helps 😉 C&K

  2. Hello !

    Thanks for your article, it is very helpful 🙂
    I have also been in Singapore and it was just… Amazing ! I wrote an article about that city on my website.


    • Hey Marianne, glad you liked it, great post there. We think you should make the pictures bigger to show off your photography skills better! 🙂 C&K

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