Gift-giving can be tricky for birthdays and Christmas let alone finding unique travel gifts for a friend who’s about to hit the road. We’ve been there, giving and getting travel gifts.

Use this handy guide to buy unique, fun and useful travel gifts that your buddies will love.

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Unique Travel Gifts for Friends Going Travelling

It’s always a nice idea to give something to remember you by. But, if you are going to spend money on travel gifts, spend them wisely.

Those who travel all the time, appreciate more practical travel gifts. So here’s a quick list of quirky travel gifts which your exploring friends will love.

1. Gift Your Friends a Portable Solar Charger

How many times did you have your phone die on you when you were uploading that awesome story on Instagram?

Or tried to locate that amazing cafe, but couldn’t because your phone needed charging.

Yep, travelling wares out mobile devices very quickly. But this compact solar unit can provide your friends with some free juice to any device.

Plus, the solid design means it’s perfect for even the most adventurous of travellers and even has a built-in flashlight. Nice.

2. Audible – a Great Travel Gift Idea for the Road

This is not just a unique gift, it’s an experience.

Many explorers (including us in our early days of travelling) think they’ll read so many books during their travels. But books a heavy to carry. And, chances are, your friends already have a Lonely Planet guide.

That’s why giving them an Audible subscription is one of the most unique travel gifts for your friends who are planning to go travelling.

When I discovered Audible, I’ve listened to so many books throughout our travels. Whenever we were on a bus, a ferry or an overnight train, I could just dawn on my headphones and listen to my favourite authors. I remember listening to The Girl on the Train while riding a train. It was such an immersive experience.

Grab a free 30-day trial + get 2 free audiobooks to keep (cancel anytime)!

3.  Tech Travel Organiser Bag – the Best Gift for Explorers

Travel in the modern age can often mean packing a fair few cables, memory cards, adapters and more.

We’ve tried it all: Bulldog clips, bags, you name it.

But nothing keeps the chargers and memory cards quite as neat as this smart travel accessory.

Travel tech organiser bag - a unique travel gift for any traveller

If your friend is a tech-savvy traveller, definitely get one and it will help them neatly store all their accessories in one place.

4. Give Them Something Mindful

Why give your friend any old travel journal when they could enjoy one of these unique travel gifts to inspire them daily.

This funky little You Are Here: A Mindful Travel Journal will do just that.

By highlighting simple mindfulness techniques each day it will make your travel-loving friends stop, look around and appreciate where they are. Nice.

I, personally, love travel journals. And while everyone (including us) travel with their super-light laptops, it’s still nice to have a notebook and a pen. Plus, we’ve been to quite a few remote places during our travels and a travel journal really helped.

For example, we recently did the epic Scottish road trip, the NC500 and stayed in places with no signal. Plus, I was making notes as Charlie was navigating the bumpy roads. Laptop, in this case, was useless. But I could still scribble on a piece of paper.

5. Help Them Stay Organised with Packing Cubes

Pants and socks all over the suitcase? And none of the socks that you pull out of your bag matches the other? Yep, travel can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. Give your soon-to-travel friends this super helpful gift.

We’ve been using packing cubes for many years and love them. They are now also one of our favourite campervan accessories as we tour Europe in our van conversion.

One set of cubes will help your travelling friend to separate our clothing and essentials inside the luggage (or wardrobe in a van) making it super easy to find stuff quickly.

They’ve helped us to stay super organised and tidy on the road. Here, read our full Pro Packing Cubes review if you are not convinced.

6. Give Small Gifts to Help Them Travel

Looking for small travel gifts for explorers? This is what we talked about earlier: Fun and quirky, but still very useful travel gift.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Rest assured that your friends will be understood anywhere in the world with this simple credit card-sized flipbook of common images.

All they have to do is simply point at the images in Point to What You Want Picture Translatortor to communicate, no language skills needed. Super lightweight and easy to pack. Genius!

I would have loved to have this on the road, and especially in France since I don’t speak any French.

7. Special Gifts for Special Explorers

If your travel-loving friends are looking for a good backpack, tell them to invest in Osprey bags (or better send them the link to this post, wink wink).

Special travel gifts are for special friends and this Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack certainly qualifies as one of the best travel gifts for people who love to travel. One that your lovely friends will love and use for years of travel to come.

Trust us when we say we know a thing or two about backpacks. We’ve used terrible ones, we’ve used great ones.

This right here is a great backpack for anyone travelling for more than a few days at a time. It’s been a pleasure to use these for the past few years as they still look as good as the day we purchased them.

8. Quirky Travel Gifts Can Be Fun and Useful

Gift shopping for friends who love travelling and camping? Then this is the ideal travel gift for them.

Give them a reason to chill out at a moment’s notice. Get them this super portable Double Parachute Hammock complete with all the fastenings needed to easily set it up in seconds.

It packs down to a tiny bundle and ideal for camping, backpacking or just chilling in your backyard!

9. Coffee on the Go For Your Coffee Loving Bestie

We’ve got a unique travel gifts surprise here for your besties who like a bold espresso on the go.

This super lightweight and compact espresso maker makes a delicious shot without needing electricity of gas so can be used practically anywhere.

Easy to pack, easy to use. The perfect travel gift for wild camping and exploring.

10. Save Them Money with a Collapsible Water Bottle

Help your friends save their pennies on the road. This cute collapsible water bottle is such a great travel gift because it’s compact and environmentally friendly to carry some freshwater around.

We’ve ended up buying a lot of bottles of drinking water as we travelled the globe. It’s not only expensive at times but also a massive environmental waste. It’s a no-no way to travel so arm your friends with useful travel gifts.

11. Pack This! – a Fun & Quirky Gift for Travellers

Is your friend a forgetful packer? Always asks what to pack for the road? Keeps a packing checklist? Then help them to banish their packing fears and ensure that they always remember the toothbrush!

This handy notepad of packing lists gives the ultimate way to check they’ve packed all the essentials before their trip.

Unique Travel Gifts for the Home

Here are some great gifts for your travel-loving friends and family who like to be reminded of their adventures when they are back home. They might even get inspired to hit the road again soon with these lovely and unusual travel gifts.

12. Travel Between the Lines with Adult Colouring Book

Fire up your friend’s wanderlust with this super hand-drawn adult colouring book.

It features 47 highly detailed cityscapes to colour in at leisure and let the travel daydreams take over.

Any chance your friends are travlling in a campervan/van conversio? This could be a lovely Christmas stocking filler too! 

13. They’ll Love this Beautiufl Pushpin Travel Map

Let the traveller in your life show off their adventures in style with this high-quality wall-mounted pushpin travel map.

Complete with a choice of frames and a set of pins it’s a great way to keep a constant reminder of past journeys whilst inspiring future travels.

14. Coffee Table Essentials: The Travel Book

This is the book which helps us to decide where to travel to next. It’s a great addition to any coffee table.

With a super double-page spread for each country in the world, it’s a great way for your friends and loved ones to improve their global knowledge and get inspired to explore more.

15. Remind Them of Their Travels

Give this to the traveller in your life so they can scratch off the countries and states that they’ve been to and plan their next big adventure.

These maps have vibrant colours, accurate flags, careful details and make a beautiful gift that any adventurer will love. Available in White and Gold or Black and Gold.

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