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Stunning Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos Province, Cuba

If you are travelling to Cienfuegos, don’t miss out Punta Gorda. It’s a fair walking distance from the centre of Cienfuegos, but if you feel like a stroll, head down towards the Malecon sea wall. Once it ends, you will know you are in upper-class neighbourhood.

Picturesque Punta Gorda


The place is gorgeous, especially after the rain. I loved walking along the seafront and gazing at the boats sailing quietly in the distance. Such a soothing evening after a hot day.

Cienfuegos Club in Punta Gorda

On our first evening we popped out to look around the area when we were distracted by live music in a grand and beautiful building, known as Cienfuegos Club.

After paying 1 CUC admission fee, we walked into a full on Cuban disco, with a band, neon lights, drinks, and Cubans spinning on the dance floor. Lots of fun, not to mention the stunning sunset.

Punta Gorda - Cienfuegos, Cuba - Cienfuegos Club

The next day I walked back to admire the marina and the beautiful building painted in the colours of Cienfuegos baseball team – white & green.

Punta Gorda - Cienfuegos, Cuba - Cienfuegos Club roof

Punta Gorda - Cienfuegos, Cuba - Cienfuegos marina

Eye catching Palacio Azul

Next door to Cienfuegos Club stands an eye catching palace. Painted in stunning blue, Palacio Azul was built in 1921 to grace Punta Gorda. The eclectic palace has been recently renovated and now reopened as the 7 bedroom Hostal Palacio Azul. 

Punta Gorda - Cienfuegos, Cuba - Palacio Azul

Anything but Cuban Arabic Palacio de Valle

Another architecturally stunning and anything but Cuban palace is hard to miss. Arabic Palacio de Valle instantly reminded me of  something from ‘One thousand and one nights’. Built in 1917 the palace now houses a high class restaurant with a terrace bar.

Punta Gorda - Cienfuegos, Cuba - Palacio de Valle

Staying in Punta Gorda – Villa Lagarto

While visiting Punta Gorda, we stayed at the end of the peninsula, in gorgeous Villa Lagarto. While not a proper Casa, it was such a wonderful place to stop for a few relaxing days. The food here though a little expensive is great and the drinks very soothing.

I am so glad we decided to venture south and spend a couple of nights on the edge of the Bay of Cienfuegos.