The tiny resort town of Palanga in Lithuania holds a special place in my heart. I practically grew up on the sandy beach and had my first ever job here as a teenager. As a student I spent my summers here waiting tables in cafes and then swimming in the sea at midnight after work. Ah, the good old days!

The resort does get packed with crowds of people in the summertime and maybe not always with the best type of crowds, but what seaside town doesn’t? It’s party central in summer time and a popular destination for younger crowds to show off.

For a better seaside experience on the Lithuanian coast, head to the UNESCO Heritage Site Nida on the Curonian Spit.

If you ask me when is the perfect time to visit Lithuania, 9 out of 10 times I’ll say summer time. Winters can be harsh here and spring can be very late to show up. But if you ask me when is the best time to visit Palanga, I’ll say October.

If you find yourself travelling around western Lithuania in autumn, wrap up and pop out to discover the quietness and peacefulness of this town. Here are my reasons why.


Reason #1: The colours

Every time I am back home in October, I can’t help but feel surprised how colourful my home country is. The trees are splashed with colour everywhere you look. October is the perfect time to visit the seaside resort Palanga, just 12 km west from my hometown Kretinga and around 30 km north west from Klaipeda.


One of the best places to find an incredible mix of autumnal hues is the Botanical Park (Palangos Birutės Parkas). Follow the narrow paths of the park and discover the glorious blend of intense red and yellow leaves rustling on the ground.


Come here in the afternoon, when the setting sun starts veiling the park in soft golden light. The last streaks of which turn the place into a fairy tale playground.

Reason #2: Honey tea and potato pancakes

After a long walk there’s nothing better than a warm tea and some hearty food. Pop into the cosy ‘Lietuvos Rytas‘ restaurant on Basanavicius street for a portion of homemade potato pancakes served with fresh cream.


And don’t forget to order Honey Tea, a true autumn warmer. It comes in tiny pots generously filled with honey infused with peppermint, ginger, lemon balm or cinnamon, the choice is yours!

Reason #3: The sunsets

Stick around for some serene sunsets, they are so much softer in October. You will notice the streets filling with the locals and maybe the odd group of German tourists. For a mere hour or so, the town comes back to life until the next sunset.


Reason #4: The quietness

In summer time Palanga is buzzing with visitors, the beach is packed and the streets are loud. But come September and the place quiets down with only a few late vacationers searching for the last of the summer warmth.


Once October hits, Palanga turns into a ghost town. The streets are peaceful and the beach is empty. This is the time to truly appreciate the seaside, sit peacefully on the beach and watch the Baltic Sea. It’s the time to wander the streets and discover how beautiful and sleek they are.


You will mostly meet the locals who come to stretch their muscles after a hard day’s work. No crowds, no parties, no drunk folks. To me, that’s reason enough to come here in October.

Have you ever visited Palanga? When did you visit? Let us know in the comments below… 

4 Reasons to Visit Palanga in October, Lithuania

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  1. Arriving Palanga 15th oct from scotland is there resturants and bars open in town then.what is there to do

    1. Hi Sandra, there aren’t that many bars open in Palanga at this tme of year. They all close for winter, but some restaurants are open all year round.

      You should visit the Botanical Park (Palangos Birutės Parkas) if it’s nice and sunny. There are a few museums including a dog museum, the first such museum in the Baltic states. Amber museum housed in the beautiful Tiskevicius manor house has been a popular sight amongst visitors and locals for a long time.

      Also, if you want to relax and chill out, you will find lots of spas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

      Cycling around is pretty cool as the town is very sleepy at this time of year and there isn’t that much traffic. Or simply have a nice walk along the seaside, watch the sunset. The town is easy to explore on foot too.

      For an authentic food option, try HBH, the locals favourite brewery just outside Palanga. The place is surrounded by pine forest full of activities.

  2. Great! Lovely colours and it seems like a nice place. Unfortunately, there’s something about the Eastern European countries and their summer resorts – they always attract a strange crowd in the middle of the season. I come from such town and in the summer it’s exactly the same, plus loud music – it’s not a nice mix. But in October the town gets very quiet and nice.

    1. Thanks so much, Joanna. I love this tiny resort town ad I practically grew up here. All my childhood and teen summers were spent either by the beach or working at the cafes and restaurants. It really is a shame that resorts attract the wrong kind of crowds, but I think they do all over the world. Lucky for us, we can enjoy it later in the year when it’s nice and quiet! 🙂

  3. Hello Charlie,just discovered your it..We are coming to Lithuania in late July.sooooo excited,we love off the beaten track type of travel,any tips would be great,thank you soo much,cheers,Carol

    1. Hello Carol, wow, that’s great! I am always excited when someone is visiting my home country. July is a great month for a visit and I hope you’re going all the way to the coast?

      If you have a chance, visit the Curonian Spit, it’s a unique place to explore and see the biggest moving sand dunes in Europe. The quaint village Nida is a lovely place for a peaceful rest.

      Of course, before visiting Nida, explore Klaipeda, the main ice-free port of Lithuania, the old town is magical.

      Palanga is a buzzing seaside town in the summertime. If you are nearby pop into my home town Kretinga, a small town 12 km away from Palanga, 27 km away from Klaipeda. It has a beautiful winter garden connected to Tiskevičius Palace and a beautiful church in the city centre. Pop into the information centre, the staff is very helpful 🙂

      Also, if you are visiting either Klaipeda, Palanga or Kretinga, pop into the ‘HBH Palanga’ brewery for a hearty traditional Lithuanian feast (Liepų g. 23, Žibininkų km., Lithuania) 🙂 The place is surrounded by a massive forest where with great walks and things to discover along the way 🙂

      MInges Kaimas (Minges Village) is another wonderful place to visit if you like boating. The village situated in the Nemunas (longest river in Lithuania) Regional Park is very picturesque where the main road is the river! A lovely place to visit.

      Lake Plateliai, the biggest lake in the Lowlands is another lovely place to visit, it’s beautiful! You can rent a boat here, windsurf or even dive. My brother goes diving here often.

      The Hill of Crosses is not really off the beaten track, but one of the most sacred and atmospheric places in Lithuania. Really worth a visit.

      I am sure Kedainiai town is off the beaten track! It’s a small town, but they have a lovely old town with beautiful architecture.

      There are so many places really, I’ll have to blog about it! 🙂

      I look forward to hearing all about your travels in Lithuania! Kristina

  4. Hi Charlie,
    We’re coming to your gorgeous looking country, from Ireland, arriving 3rd May in our campervan. Is it illegal to wildcamp in Lithuania, or is it practical? We’re coming from Poland en route to Latvia.
    Really good blog by the way.
    Best regards, Nick.

    1. Hey Nick, I think technically it’s illegal to wild camp pretty much anywhere in Europe but don’t let that stop you 😉 There’s no one place we can suggest you try it but maybe contact these guys for some tips: They’ve been all over Europe in a van, camping all the way! Cheers C&K

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