To spice up our stay in Kampot, southwest Cambodia, we decided to jump on our motorbike and investigate La Plantation. It’s one of the pepper farms which produces some of the purest pepper anywhere in the world.

A Little About Kampot

We stayed in the small sleepy town of Kampot, known for its French colonial architecture and wonderful scenery. The riverside city has a few really good restaurants and a delightful handmade ice cream shop run by two charming Frenchman – Wonderland. If we weren’t scooting around Kampot, you could find us sitting in the Wonderland, licking popsicles and coconut milk ice cream, yum!

The area is also famous for the Bokor National Park, where you can climb up to the abandoned French ‘Hill Station’ on top of the mountain. Unfortunately, it is now also home to a multi-million dollar casino, boo. The roads today are full of big trucks supplying building materials to a once beautiful summit of Phnom Bokor which spoils the local chilled vibe a little.

Beastly developments aside, beautiful Kampot is also well known for its organic pepper farms and almost everything you eat in this town and around is very umm well… peppery.

kampot pepper at la plantation, cambodia

Getting to La Plantation

To visit the plantation you can simply hire a motorbike for around $5 per day or grab a Tuk tuk for a few dollars more.

La Plantation organic pepper farm is located in Bosjheng village, around 20 km east of Kampot. Once you leave the town, follow the dirt road to the left through some very cool salt fields.

kampot, salt fields, cambodia

Passed the salt fields, turn right onto the main road and it will be around 5- 10 minute drive until you see a big sign for ‘La Plantation’ where the road forks. Take the narrow bumpy dirt road which will take you to the plantation through the local village and some pretty sights.

We really struggled on the dirt road with our motorbike. The earlier rain made the drive incredibly slippery so be careful, it’s easy to fall off your bike. Even the Tuk tuks taking tourist to the plantation struggled through the mud.

kampot, on the way to la plantation

Overall, it took us around 45 minutes or so to get there. We also stopped a couple of times to buy some petrol and take a few photos of the salt fields.

What’s at the Pepper Farm La Plantation?

First of all, the farm, surrounded by the mountains, is beautiful and very well maintained. As soon as we parked our bike, we were instantly welcomed by one of the friendly farm guides, who later gave us a tour around the plantation.

la plantation, kampot, cambodia

We were a little knackered after the bumpy journey so popped upstairs into their cafe for some refreshments, which were great. You can also sample some freshly prepared food here seasoned with the well-known spice. The soothing views of the plantation are also very welcoming.


inside la plantation cafe, kampot, cambodia

Along with the food and drinks, the cafe houses a shop with peppery goodies displayed in the middle of an open room. Their offering extends to red, black and white pepper; grown, picked, washed, boiled and dried on the farm. We couldn’t resist buying a couple of bags for our friends and family.

la plantation, pepper display, kampot, cambodia

la plantation pepper, kampot, cambodia

Since it’s a proper working farm, you are not allowed to explore it on your own. Our tour guide was great and walked us through some beautifully arranged rows of peppers, provided us with quality information on how the peppers are grown and let us sniff the organic fertilisers, yuck!

la plantation tour guide, kampot

kampot pepper, la plantation, cambodia

Is it Worth Visiting Kampot Pepper Farm?

Even though it might seem a bit of a long way, the farm is a great place to visit. It was fun to see how the Kampot pepper, used by many chefs around the world, is grown in natural conditions.

As well as contributing to the local community, the plantation is also looking after a nearby school by supplying its pupils with schools supplies and bicycles. The staff are very friendly as well. So yes, go visit!

la plantation in kampot, cambodia

Have you been to the pepper farms in Kampot? Which one did you visit? Let us know in the comments below… 

La Plantation, Visiting Pepper Farm in Kampot, Cambodia