The hidden Beachside Backpackers Hostel is a great stop away from the backpacker trail. Here we enjoyed the quiet beach and had some quality rest.

Charlie discovered this place accidentally while browsing Google Maps while we were still in Phong Nha exploring The Paradise Cave. We found sometimes it’s the best thing to do, just search Google Maps for places in the area you want to stay.

The Hidden Beachside Backpackers Hostel

What makes the hostel so great, apart from it being on the beach, is the staff. They were all amazing, friendly and accommodating. We also met lots of friendly travellers here, which always makes the stay memorable.

Beachside Backpackers Hostel, Dong Hoi, Vietnam

The private room was quite spacious, fairly tidy, but the room itself didn’t really matter that much. Most of the time we were out, reading by the beach, swimming, tubing, playing pool or hanging around in the bar area.

The food here is really good and well prepared and sometimes the host will fire up an impressive BBQ for around 120,000 VND ($5.40 USD) per person. The BBQ consisted of all sorts of food, from fish, to meat, to seafood.

We opted out though. I don’t eat red meat and Charlie is allergic to shellfish. Without having the full spread we didn’t think it was good value for money for us, what a shame!

We typically spent around 130,000 VND ($5.83 USD) for lunch and similar for dinner, plus breakfast, a couple of coffees in the morning at 15,000 VND each ($0.67 USD) and a bottle or two of cold beer at  20,000 VND ($0.90 USD). 

Cost wise the place is not too expensive, but but if you have more than two meals per day, you might receive a healthy bill at the end of your stay, like we did.

Cows crossing at the Beachside Backpackers Hostel

However, we treated this place as our little break from constantly moving. After exploring rainy Hanoi, misty and cold Sapa, trekking through some pretty muddy rice fields and enjoying wonderful, but still misty Tam Coc village, we really needed some sun and beach time, with the cows…

Tubing in the sea in Vietnam

We ended up staying at the Beachside Backpackers Hostel for 5 nights in total and didn’t even set foot outside. And were very happy to just enjoy the sound of the waves, eat, sleep, drink cold beer, smooth coffee and chat to the staff or other travellers. Sounds perfect? It really was.

We enjoyed the ample outdoor space and even manage to pull ourselves from the beach and do some work.

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Getting to the Beachside Backpackers Hostel, Dong Hoi

The hidden Backpacker Hostel in located on the edge of the South China Sea in the central coast of Vietnam. To get here we took a local bus to Dong Hoi from Phong Nha town centre at the river front.

As usual, Charlie marked the Backpackers Beachside Hostel on Google Maps on his phone and followed the route. We hopped off the bus on the main road when we got close.

Transport to the Beachside Backpackers Hostel Vietnam

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It’s was a little way from here to the beach, but we decided to walk. It took us maybe an hour or so to walk, including a very pleasant stop at a local cafe where we had lovely some Hanoi-like coffee (yay) and iced tea. The local family who owned it were lovely and so friendly.

If you don’t want the extra walk you can take the bus all the way to Dong Hoi bus station and then catch a taxi or a motorbike from there. At the end of our stay, two lovely volunteers dropped us off to the train station on their motorbikes. It took us maybe 10 minutes so it’s not far at all.

As we walked on the main road, we realised there is an airport just round the corner in between the sand dunes. What a weird place for an airport. The main road was also studded with massive Soviet era looking hotels, grey and uninviting. Most of them were on the other side of the beach so we were glad we didn’t book any of those.

Would We Recommend the Beachside Backpackers Hostel?

Definitely yes. We really like that the place was actually on the beach and not across the road from the beach or with a dubious ‘beach view’.

View from the beach at the Beachside Backpackers Hostel

It’s a relaxed budget friendly place to stay, especially if you eat outside in the town. The other travellers said there is plenty of good food around Dong Hoi if you can tear yourself away from the sand.

The total cost for 5 nights at the Beachside Backpackers Hostel, including accommodation, 3 meals per day, coffees, teas, booze and occasional smoothie came to 4,150,000 VND ($186.04 USD) which was under our $50 budget per day.

5 nights x 830,000 VND ($37.20 USD).

Have you stayed at the Beachside Backpackers Hostel? What did you think? Share your experience in the comments below…   

Tel: 0168 533 4345 / 0918921015

Beachside Backpackers Hostel on Google Maps:

Backpackers Beachside Hostel