One of the best ways to see Maui is to take the Road to Hana, the most beautiful and jaw-dropping highway in Hawaii. We surely did it and it was a fantastic day driving through lush serpentine roads presenting us with one dramatic view after another while winding between arboreous valleys and skyscraping cliffs.

However, before you set out on this fantastic journey, make sure you are prepared for it. It’s going to be one long, but very exciting day.

1. Start Your Journey Early

Start early so you have enough daylight to see all the wonderful things along the way. It took us about 8 or so hours to drive around the island. Windows down, sun shining, Charlie and I singing along some local radio. It was a wonderful day.


2. A full tank of petrol is essential for the Road to Hana journey

Make sure you have a full tank of petrol before taking off because the next petrol station will be in Hana!


3. Pack Snacks and Plenty of Water

Don’t leave without a good breakfast and a bag full of goodies. There aren’t many places on the road to stop for food, but plenty of wonderful places to stop for a picnic.


4. Take Some Cash With You

There will be some local food stations while on the Road to Hana where you might be lucky to find mouth-watering oat cookies or fresh, homemade banana bread so make sure you have enough cash with you.

Otherwise, you will be missing out! We bought a loaf of banana bread and some other treats at one of the stations and it was fantastic!


You might also come across a Hawaiian making a necklace from freshwater pearls right on the side of the road. We didn’t have much cash left after spending all on sweet treats, so no pearls for us.


5. The Road to Hana is Fun and Exciting, but Drive Carefully!

The Road to Hana has 54 one-lane bridges so drive extra carefully. Don’t forget to honk at hairpin bends as you won’t be able to see the oncoming traffic most of the time.


6. Bring Your Swimsuit, Take Your Time, Stop, Admire, Enjoy

Take your time to stop and admire the nature. Bring your swimsuits with you as there will be many opportunities to swim in translucent water pools.


7. Stay Friendly, Wave Farewell

Our little convoy of cars stayed together pretty much the whole time. None of us knew each other, but if we were passing those opting out for a little break, we’d wave farewell to each other. It’s simply nice to be friendly and polite on the road.


8. Give Way to the Locals

Be nice and give way to the local drivers – they are moving at a different pace!


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8 simple tips to prepare for the road to Hana, Hawaii

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