Charlie and I, whenever possible, always try to sniff out some interesting accommodation. Planning our Hawaiian trip with Airbnb (click on the link to get your free credit) was the way to go. That’s where we found our ‘honeymoon suite’ on Haena Beach. It was sheer heaven.

The Fabulous Beachfront Room on Haena Beach

At $166 per night the private Beachfront Room is built underneath a beautiful house on stilts, right on the beach. Most of houses on this coastline are built on stilts, just because sometimes waves get so high that they roll into the garden.


We had a separate entrance and the room was clean, comfortable and quiet. It was everything we needed after sleepless nights in Honolulu. The only noise was the ocean waves, breaking into the shore and the tropical rain, that seemed to be coming down louder than anywhere else, but soothing and relaxing at the same time.


We also had our own bathroom, which was actually built outdoors and was really cool. Imagine having a shower under the stars or during the sunrise. Inside there was a lava rock stone that warmed our feet while showering. Almost a little home made spa.


Why we chose Haena Beach?

For the first few nights in Kaua’i, we stayed on the North Shore just round the corner from Tunnels Beach with Mount Makana in all its glory. The Beach we wanted to get married on while planning everything from our sofa in London.


But Jessica, our wedding planner from Alii Kauai Weddings, checked the location we were staying at and suggested, if agreed by the owners, to get married on the beach just at the back of the garden. That meant no one else watching our ceremony, just the way we wanted.


The lovely lady of the house was more than happy to host our wedding ceremony and just like that, we had a private beautiful wedding in the ‘garden island.’

Tunnels Beach, being at the end of the road, seemed hidden away and more secluded than any other beaches on the North Coast, but Haena Beach was even better. It felt so private. On our wedding day I just stepped out of the house barefoot and we got married under this beautiful palm tree. It was perfect.


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The Location

The accommodation is  located round the corner from gorgeous Tunnels beach and just minutes drive from the amazing Na Pali Coast, where we had a hike on the morning of our wedding day. An incredibly scenic road along the coast will take you to the charming Hanaley Town in around 15 minutes, where we had some delicious meals and also popped into the crescent-shaped Hanaley Bay for a quick dip.


We really enjoyed our 3 night stay at the Beachfront Room. It’s nice now to have the link with this beautiful Haena Beach and I hope we get to come back here again. It will always stay special and sunny in our hearts.



Fabulous Beachfront Room on Haena Beach, North Shore Kauai, Hawaii

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