Le me share a secret where you can find great coffee in Bangkok! Make your way to BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre) and you will find your caffeine oasis called Gallery Drip Coffee on the ground floor, right by the entrance.

You will notice it from afar, walls adorned with art pieces, tables and shelves dressed up with coffee attributes, soft music escaping through the door. It’s a small space, but we were lucky enough to get a seat.


Coffee Choices at the Gallery Drip Coffee

You will be asked to choose your beans which range from Thai to Kenya, Ethiopia and more. Take your time to sniff and feel the different aromas. After having a couple of bad coffees elsewhere, the scent alone at this cafe fixed my caffeine urge. My nose told me to go for the Thai beans “Sweet Mucilage” grown in the northern mountains.


Apart from drip coffee, there is a more traditional choice of Latte, Cappuccino or Americano, but since the name of the place suggests ‘drip coffee’, that should be your choice at least the first time round.

Sit back and watch the barista carefully pouring coffee through a pretty porcelain drip cup. It’s a fascinating process, watching them work with such precision. The girl who made my coffee had such a relaxingly hypnotising touch that for a moment I felt like a was drifting into a light sleep.

The coffee was served in a beautiful hand crafted mug. I don’t know about you, but to me, a coffee served in a clay mug indicates good taste. The hot drink was soft and smooth and had a pleasant chocolatey after-taste. In my opinion, coffee as delicate as this should be enjoyed without sugar or milk. Any other additive would only spoil the lightness of this drink.


The drip coffee will set you back 90-150 THB, which is not cheap if you are travelling on a budget like us, but it’s so worth to enjoy it at least once!

To get to BACC take the Silom line (dark green) and take exit 3 at National Stadium BTS Station.

Gallery Drip Coffee | 1st floor, Bangkok Art & Culture Center, Bangkok
Opening times: 10:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays | T: (081) 989 5244 , (081) 917 2131

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