Charlie wants a bigger van, what’s on your campervan gifts list?

If you are still looking for those last-minute van life gifts for your friends and loved ones, we’ve got a list of campervan accessories and thoughtful Christmas stocking fillers.

Some of these items we have already and used extensively in our van conversion. The others are on our wish list, be it Christmas or any other time of year.

Ridge Monkey – the Ultimate Van Life Gift

We’d love you forever if you gave us a ridge monkey for Christmas. Right now, as van life newbies, we can’t imagine a better campervan gift (+ the ones below).

Although some campervans have kitchens equipped with a real oven, many don’t.

And that’s why a ridge monkey is such a perfect item to have in a van. You can make toasties, wraps, waffles and other tasty treats, even crusty pizza. Yum.

If you are stuck for campervan gift ideas, get a ridge monkey grill and make your buddies happy campers.

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Brighten Up the Campervan with LED Lights

If your van friends don’t have the LED strip lights in their campervan yet, then this could be one of the most fun campervan gifs for Christmas.

These 12V warm white lights are perfect for any campervan. They are lightweight and easy to install which is essential for a van.

We are planning to get them too as our spotlights are a little too bright and we want our van to be cosier.

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Christmas Dinner With a Twist – BBQ it!

When thinking of campervan gifts, think of something useful and reusable.

A nice portable BBQ for example.

This is something we always say we’ll get but we never do. So if you too have forgetfull friends who keep saying they’ll get a BBQ for the last two years, surprise them.

A small BBQ would be perfect for roasting some chestnuts or melting those marshmallows during the holidays.

Now it smells like Christmas.

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Get Trim for Christmas

When thinking about useful campervan accessories as gifts, hair clippers are great. They save time and money, especially when travelling in foreign countries.

Charlie keeps his barnet under control with these rechargeable hair trimmers

No more searching around for a local barber, just do it yourself.

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Keep Them Steady with Levelling Blocks

Ok, levelling blocks might not fit into a Christmas stocking, but they are a super-useful campervan gift. A van leaning to the sides, up or down is frustrating when trying to cook and, especially, sleep. We’ve done the research ourselves – not fun

Trust us, your campervan loving friends and family will love this van life gift for Christmas.

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Cheesy Christmas Gift

What’s a festive Christmas morning without the smell of freshly made coffee.

That’s why a coffee maker (or French press) + good coffee could make a nice gift for anyone living or travelling in a campervan.

Maybe throw in a box of chocolates or even better, a roundel of nice and creamy Brie. Yep, coffee and cheese is very French and, in my books, the ultimate dessert for Christmas.

Coffee maker  + coffee + cheese = the ultimate van life gift.

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Bamboo Mugs + Hot Chocolate + Marshmallows

Bamboo Mugs are some of the nicest campervan gifts we can think of.

They are heat resistant and therefore great for coffee, tea and hot chocolate + marshmallows. Yummy!

They are cute, eco-friendly and very functional. We use them in our van conversion non-stop and so will your van travel-loving friends.

Plus, they are a piece of cake to gift wrap because they come packaged in nice boxes. Add some good quality hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows and you have your Christmas present sorted.

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Treat Your Sweet-Toothed Friends

Carrying on the sweet Christmas stocking filler theme, we have an idea for your bestie who’s travelling in a campervan or van conversion.

Why not get them a box of caramel Stroopwaffels. They are ooooh so good when melted on top of a steamy cup of tea or coffee.

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Waterproof Laptop Covers For Rough Roads

These will make a lovely gift for any van lifer. If your friends or family are working on the road, chances are they have a nice laptop or two that need protecting from those bumpy roads.

And what a better campervan gift for the digital nomads than a stylish laptop sleeve? Maybe a new MacBook.

We love our grey JETech laptop sleeves for their sturdiness, protective padding, and stylish appearance. Plus, the fabric is splash-repellent. Another great feature is the top pocket where you can keep various items (very useful for Kindle reader).

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Wool Throws for Those Rainy Van Life Days

One of the greatest campervan gifts you can give is a warm and cosy blanket. It makes a nice interior detail and adds so much cosiness on those cooler days.

When we travelled around Scotland in June, the temperatures were +14 C on a very good day and dropped to +10 C at night.

And all I could think of was a nice wool throw to keep me cosy in our van conversion. Luckily we have a heating system installed.

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Ignite Their Reading with a Kindle

Reading is one of the greatest past times when travelling or living in a motorhome full time. The slight problem with motorhomes though is space. And there’s only so many books you can keep in your home on wheels.

Therefore, Kindle could be it, one of the best campervan gifts for your loved ones who live a van life.

Kindle was one of the best gifts I received. I love it and use it a lot in ‘Custard Cream’, our van conversion. I’ve accumulated quite a few titles in my library from autobiographies to educational reads.

That’s the great thing about having a Kindle when living in a van. You can access (almost) all the books in the world, any time you feel like reading.

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Keep Her Warm and Fuzzy

If you are looking for cute but also practical campervan gifts for her, get a cosy jumper. It’s a Christmas gifts list after all!

Everyone loves to have something soft in their wardrobe (no matter how small). Plus, warm jumpers don’t have to be bulky to keep you warm.

Cashmere jumpers are stylish, colourful and extra soft. And they don’t take much space in a campervan.

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Campervan Gifts for Her (or Him) – Luxury Skincare

Skincare can get a bit tricky in a van, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right skincare products, your friends and loved ones can have an easy and effective skincare routine.

If you need a little help with choosing a gender-neutral gift for their campervan travels, here’s quick advice.

Little items like Liz Earle cleanse and polish range can really help keep the skin clean and healthy.

These kind of gifts are for both him & her. I don’t believe in men’s and women’s skincare as a separate thing. That’s just marketing. If the skincare is natural, kind to your skin and effective, it will work for anyone. 

The great thing about this type of skincare routine is it doesn’t require much water, space or time. All you have to do is pour some hot water into a small bowl. Wet the muslin cloth included and cleanse your face skin with it. Instant glow and spa effect in a van.

I also love my L’Occitane products. They come with a slightly higher price tag but last forever. Rich in Shea butter, the products are also miraculously moisturising without leaving a greasy residue. It’s a perfect Christmas stocking filler for any van girl (and boy).

Campervan Gifts for Him (or Her) – Tech Organiser Bag

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for a van owner?

Don’t go searching for gifts featuring campervans on them. Is it just us or do they look a little last year? And they take up that precious space in a van.

We suggest a tech organiser bag. They are so stylish and well made these days and make a perfect gift for anyone living in a van.

Just as skincare, this gift doesn’t have to be just for him. Many girls who live in a van are very techy and would love this as a Christmas gift.

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Water Bottles

A reusable water bottle could do nicely as a campervan gift idea.

They come in so many lovely colours and are ideal for walks and hikes.

Plus they are vacuum insulated which means that the water stays nice and cool even if the van gets heated in the sun or vice versa.

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We keep recommending the Audible subscription, but it’s such a great van life gift.

Having many books isn’t feasible in a van due to space. Not everyone owns a Kindle reader and smartphone screens are a little too small to read from. But, your friends can still enjoy books by their favourite authors with Audible.

Now you can also grab a free 30-day trial + get 2 free audiobooks to keep (cancel anytime)!

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Cute Cushion Covers

One thing I know I am getting for Christmas is a cheeky Christmas cushion cover to spread that holiday cheer in our van conversion.

Cushion covers are such a great and easy way to dress up space without too much effort. Plus, you can reuse them again next year.


Are you a campervan owner looking for campervan gifts?

Let us know in the comments below what you want for Christmas this year. 

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