It was rainy and a little bit cold, but nevertheless an exciting day out in East Anglia. Cambridge is a breathtaking city well known for its beautiful University, founded in 1209. As soon as you step into this gorgeous city you are instantly surrounded by the powerful history of England.

St Benet’s church

We started our tour in Benet’s street where we had a glance at St Benet’s church, the oldest building in Cambridge, dating back to 1025. This ancient Anglo-Saxon church has been a place of Christian worship for nearly a thousand years.


Corpus Christi College

The best example of a medieval college court in Cambridge is the Corpus Christi College. This was the moment when I fell in love with the city. The buildings are dating from 1352.

Pembroke College

Another college, dating back to the second half of the 14th century is Pembroke College. William Pitt was a student here in 1773 and became Britain’s youngest Prime Minister at the age of 25.

Pembroke College Cambridge

Pembroke College


Peterhouse is the city’s oldest college

Peterhouse, Cambridge

Little St Mary’s Lane

We continued on towards the Little St Mary’s Lane. Don’t miss the little church, just inside the glass inner door is a memorial to a former vicar, the Reverend Godfrey Washington, Great Uncle of George Washington.

Little Marys Lane

It’s a lovely walk down Little Mary’s Lane to the river. We didn’t hire a punt, but you go for it, you can hire one with a ‘chauffeur.’ It’s a nice way to see the beautiful views of the famous College backyard.


Laundress Lane in Cambridge

You should be safe here, horses and carriages are forbidden along the passageway.

laundress lane cambridge

The Mathematical Bridge of Queen’s College

The Old Mathematical Bridge of Queen’s College is a must-see sight in Cambridge.


Queen’s College

It’s said that Queen’s College, is one of the City’s most beautiful College and I must say, I agree. When we walked in through the massive gate I was amazed by the magnificent 15th-century surroundings. It felt like going back in time!

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Walnut Tree Court

As we walked through these wonderfully crafted doors into Walnut Tree Court, we could hear loud and powerful organ music.  I guessed it was a student rehearsing in his spare time. Loved the ceiling of the chapel.

College Chapel

 Queens College Chapel

The archway of the Cloisters built in the 1590’s is really atmospheric, loved it.

The Cloisters

Another lovely bit in the Cloister Court was this beautiful timbered President’s lodge. The lodge is the only substantial half-timber building remaining in Cambridge. Don’t you just love timber-framed buildings!

President's Lodge

St Catherine’s College

Yet another wonderful building was founded in 1473 and rebuilt in the 17th Century. Cambridge just doesn’t disappoint!

St Catherines College

St Catherines College

Claire’s College

Claire’s College was completed in 1719 after the fire destroyed the original building, founded in 1338.

Clares College

Trinity College

Have you heard the story about the college and the Henry VIII statue above the gate? Apparently, he holds a chair leg in his hand, only because, many years ago, a bunch of students thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Trinity College and Henry VIII

Trinity College is the largest in Cambridge, founded in 1546 by Henry VIII (my favourite King, before he became old, cruel and grumpy). The Trinity Great Court is the largest university court in the world.

On theright-handd side, in a Gothic chape,l you can find statues of many famous people including Isaac Newton, a former student of the college.

Trinity Great Court

Trinity College Great Court

Trinity College

Trinity College

Fitzwilliam Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum

King’s College

King’s College, one of the famous colleges in Cambridge is known worldwide and it is truly impressive. Unfortunatel,y the college is closed on Sundays, but I could still appreciate its spectacular facade.

Kings College


While strolling around Cambridge, other little things caught my eye. I really loved this funky wall and an old style cake shop. That reminded us to pop into a cafe for tea and cake.

cambridge streets

old style cake shop

The Round Church

We finished our tour at this Norman building – The Round Church. There are only four such buildings in the country. The design is believed to reflect the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

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The Round Church

Well, that was a nice day in Cambridge. We would definitely love to come back again soon!

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    1. No problem, my pleasure 🙂 It’s always nice to be featured on other peoples/businesses pages 🙂 I hope I get to see Cambridge in the sunshine some time soon 😀

  1. An amazing blog, Kristina, and so glad you had a fabulous time here. You’ve really caught the essence of the city with your photos. May I post your blog on our facebook page for others to see? I think they would find it really useful. Please do let me know – Anita

    1. Hi Anita and thank you s much for your lovely comment 🙂 Of course, you are more than welcome to share it on your facebook page 🙂 I am flattered 😀 It’s a lovely city and I hope to come back there some time again, in summer, when it’s nice, warm and sunny 😀

  2. Just Amazing Kristy, Thank you so much… That Purple in that Tree, Wow… And of course the Buildings, Blown Away… Goina Share this Post with My Dark Globe Readers


      1. Just had to let you know…I just had to re-visit this post. They just don’t build them like that anymore. And you are a great tour guide. Charlie is a very lucky man!

        1. Aww that’s sweet 🙂 Actually I am the lucky one, Charlie always does all the touring and I take pictures and note things down or try to memorise 🙂 He’s a great tour guide and therefore he runs his own guiding company 🙂 He knows London inside out and gives excellent tours 🙂 If you are in London some day and want to see some hidden gems that even most of Londoners don’t know, get in touch 😀

  3. What a fabulous walk Kristina! I’m definitely up for visiting Cambridge. My fave shots are the River Cam, the organ player (that ceiling), and the funky wall. The town is so green, lush, and blooming! Love it! Thanks for giving us an insight into your time there. I really enjoyed this post!

    1. Thanks Marina for your comment 🙂 I enjoyed the tour myself, Charlie, of course, was our leader, just like most of the time 🙂 It didn’t even matter that it was a bit grim and rainy 🙂 I would definitely go there again 😀 That guy who played the organs was amazing, the music was so loud and powerful, he must be a good student 😀

  4. This is a really comprehensive tour Kristina! You have made a fantastic job of the photos, I like your perspective. It is a grand old place, our country is so young, with no buildings of this age. I’d love to visit Cambridge one day. And lucky you, coming in to summer! Lovely post…

    1. Thank you Annette, I am glad you like it 🙂 It is a great place to visit and if you spend more time in the UK and can afford to travel a bit within the course, I would definitely suggest visit Cambridge 🙂 So much history and heritage here 🙂

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