My home country of Lithuania is still fairly undiscovered and it’s my pleasure to introduce brilliant projects, such as the Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path. Who knows, it might inspire you to book that random European trip you’ve always been thinking of!

Sometimes you can go long distances without knowing what you will discover and more often than not, it proves to be worth it. This is exactly what happened when I was back home in Lithuania, looking for new and exciting places to visit.

A Walkway Above the Trees

It was really cold and drizzly, but being surrounded by the spiky green trees was like walking through a fairy tale. The sun trying to break through the gloomy clouds created a perfect background for those long focused shots with my camera.

It’s a short, but genuinely enjoyable 300-meter walk above the trees, ending with wonderful panoramic views of the forest from the main observation platform.

Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path in Lithuania

This is the only such attraction in Lithuania which has wheelchair access, the implementation lacking in many other sightseeing spots across the country. This gives people with walking difficulties access and a rare opportunity to get to the very top of the walkway, at 35 meters above the forest floor.

The Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path, located in the national park of Anyksciai is a unique project sponsored by the European Union. The structure is well located, sitting in the midst of the beautiful pinewood forest and alongside a river stretching through the reserve.

I really loved the construction. It combines both the modern look with a slice of tradition, which makes the main tower rather symbolic. If you look closer, you will see the pattern used here closely representing the national ribbon of the highlanders of Lithuania.

Not only is the treetop walkway an impressive construction, but the information centre is a sight to behold too. It’s cleverly built beneath the bridge and covered with what it looks like moss, all very impressive. Here you will be able to gain access to the walkway for a donation of €1.

Poetry, Legends and Conspiracies in the Forest

Puntuko stone, Anyksciai, lithuania

This evergreen pinewood forest has a huge significance in Lithuanian literature. A poem, The Forest of Anykščiai, written by Antanas Baranauskas and published in 1861, has become a staple piece of Lithuanian literature history. I remember the struggles of having to analyze it at school.

Once you got your tickets, make your way to the entrance, but halfway through, pay attention to the second-largest boulder in Lithuania. There are many legends braided around this humongous stone. However, it is believed that it was brought here by glaciers during the last great glacial period, most likely all the way from Finland.

The engravings on the stone are of the two Lithuanian pilots who flew their Lituanica aeroplane from the US to Lithuania, across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1933. Sadly, the plane crashed in Germany due to unknown circumstances. People believe that the plane was shot down by the Germans, but it’s hard to speculate about what had really happened.

Exploring the Anyksciai Regional Park

Outdoors enthusiasts will be happy to hear that the Anyksciai Regional Park is a great space for exploring, hiking, trekking in the fresh air or enjoying some water sports in the river.

Tree top walking in Ankyksciai, Lithuania

Whether you are walking, cycling or driving, you will be glad to know that there are several special routes developed for all kinds of travellers. You can also download a free guidebook with 12 travel routes to help you explore the regional park. Enjoy!

Visiting the Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path

The Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path is easy to reach, being around a 1hr 30-minute drive from either Kaunas or the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius.

Opening times vary depending on the season, weather, holidays and maintenance schedule so always check their handy website and social media feed before you set out!

Map of the Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path location:

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A Secret Treetop Walk in Anyksciai, Lithuania

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