We loved watching the majestic 420 ft Akaka Falls, plunging down the lush green fern. The sound of water tumbling down to the pool below was wondrous. If you are visiting the Big Island, don’t miss this beautiful park.

Getting to the stunning Akaka Falls State Park

The Park is about 11 miles north from Hilo  at the end of Akaka Falls Road (Hwy. 220), 3.6 miles South West of Homomu town. The park is easily accessible and costs $1 USD to walk in or £5 USD if you are driving.

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Visiting the Akaka Falls State Park

After feasting our eyes on the wonderful tropical plants at the Hawaiian Tropical Garden, we popped into Homomu, a quiet old sugar town famous for Akaka Falls State Park.

We took the half  mile loop trail through the rain forest full of beautiful banyan and monkeypod trees, ginger, wild orchid  and enormous bamboo groves.

We really enjoyed our walk through the wilderness. The trail is fairly easy, I did it in my flip flops and a skirt, so no challenges there. It took us less than an hour to do the hike.

If you follow the paved footpath you’ll soon reach the first 100 ft Kahuna Falls. Continue through the beautiful rainforest and you’ll hear, then finally see the majestic 442-feet waterfall. Take your time to do the trail and admire the nature, the falls and the whole scenery. It’s simply beautiful.

Akaka Falls State Park, Big Island, Hawaii

It is said to be Hawaii Island’s most famous waterfall and  it surely impressed us. The park was a quick stop for us while driving around the Big Island and we really recommend seeing this gorgeous wonder of the Big Island.

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Akaka Falls State Park on Big Island, Hawaii