How many weeks do you think you need to explore Hawaii, one week? Do you think two weeks is too long? How about three weeks of island hopping in Hawaii? One thing you have to remember though, it’s certainly not a budget destination and a three-week Hawaii itinerary calls for some careful preparation.

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Mauna Kea Volcano, The Big Island

There’s so much to see and do that to us even one month of island hopping in Hawaii is not long enough!

But fear not, we will share our top tips with you for getting the most out of a three-week tropical holiday and will give you a full overview of the islands that, in our humble opinion, are the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

The biggest expenses on the islands include renting a car, accommodation, island hopping via air and, of course, the various activities. However, we saved quite a few pennies just by doing many things independently. For example, getting to the summit of the magnificent Mauna Kea or watching a sunrise at the top of the incredible Haleakala volcano.

In fact, we didn’t use a single organised tour and managed to find everything ourselves and so can you! If you plan carefully, you will have an amazing time even if you can only have one week in Hawaii.

So here’s our full run down on the extraordinary three weeks during which we spent island hopping in Hawaii.

One Week in Kauai – Welcome to the Garden Island

If you ask us which Hawaiian island to choose for your tropical holiday, we’d say Kauai. It’s the lushest and greenest of all the seven islands. However, that means it rains here a lot more too. So choose your time wisely when visiting Kauai. We were here in January – February and had a few rainy days. The sea was also a little too rough to swim in places, but the weather, despite the rain, was still really pleasant.

Kauai, nicknamed “The Garden Island” is our absolute-favourite island. Here we had our dreamy Hawaiian wedding and explored a number of stunning sites. We hope to come back here one day and explore it even further as it was such a great start to our island hopping honeymoon in Hawaii.

The best way to get the most out of your one week in Kauai is to split the island into sections – the north shore, south shore and the east shore. This will make it easier for you to plan your Hawaii itinerary of all the wonderful things to see and do in Kauai.

Wonderful Things to See and Do in Kauai (North Shore)

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary

Emerald Green Na Pali Coast – the Best Trek in Kauai

Kauai is abundant with amazing sites to see, but if there is only one thing you have time to do on this island, head for the emerald-green hills of the Na Pali Coast. The name “High Hills” already suggests spectacularly-panoramic views. The Kauai coastline is truly magnificent and you’ll feel like you’re in the film Jurassic Park!

We can’t recommend enough the Kalalau Trail. Located literally at the end of the road near Tunnels beach, it stretches for around eleven miles along the tall hills. The views from the rugged mountains are out of this world with the sparkling Pacific Ocean bobbing away at your feet. What an incredible place to explore, perfect for your Hawaiian honeymoon itinerary!

You’ll see people trekking it in flip-flops and some – barefoot, but remember those people are only doing a couple of miles tops. It might start as an easy trek, a little slippy in places during the winter months, but it gets rougher and more challenging halfway through.

To reach the Kalalau trek, drive as far north as you can from the scenic Hanalei Town, once the road ends, you’ll know you are at the right place. The Kalalau Trek starts at Ke’e beach, winding along the Na Pali Coast.

If you are short on time for a trek, include a helicopter ride over the coast in your Hawaii itinerary. Starting from around $200 per ride, it is a costly but unforgettable experience.

Don’t Miss Hanalei Town and Beach

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Hanalei Town, Kauai

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss in Kauai, it’s the Hanalei town, a true star of the north shore. Used as a backdrop in several film productions such as ‘South Pacific’ and ‘The Descendants’ starring George Clooney, the town stole our hearts. We drove here every day for a lovely Maki wrap served with juicy mango salsa and beautifully made Mai Tai cocktails, decorated with tiny, colourful umbrellas.

When exploring Hanalei, take your time to visit Wai’oli Hui’ia Church perched in the heart of the town. You can’t miss it, it’s way too stunning not to be noticed. Pay attention to the scenery surrounding the church, it’s magical!

Best Hawaiian Beaches on the North Shore of Kauai

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Tunnels beach

Another great thing about exploring the north shore of Kauai is that you are never too far away from a great tropical beach.  If you are heading to Hanalei town, throw your swimwear into your bag. Here you will find one of the best beaches in Kauai, the crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay with the lush green Na Pali hills sticking out in the distance. Perfect for a cheeky swim.

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Tunnels Beach

For a soulful sunset, head to the Tunnels beach. It can get a little crowded with tourists, but it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Kauai. We were so incredibly lucky to have it all to ourselves on our visit.

The beach is also a popular wedding spot due to it being located in the shadow of the glorious Mount Makana. We nearly had our Hawaiian wedding ceremony on this very beach, but later changed it to Haena beach, a more private spot.

Haena Beach

If you are looking for a tad of privacy, try the Haena beach, located a few steps away from the Tunnels beach. It’s perfect for your secluded honeymoon spot in Hawaii!

Looking for the best swimming beaches in Hawaii? Have a look at the beaches in Hawaii post that we put together based on our experiences.

Fun Things to do in Kauai (South Shore)

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Once you’ve taken in the luxuries of the north shore, head to the south for even more exciting Kauai activities. There’s the spectacular Waimea Canyon waiting to be explored, waterfalls to be seen and the famous Spouting Horn Blowhole to be photographed.

If you are looking for fun things to do at night in Kauai, we recommend checking out the Friday Night Festival in Hanapepe if you are nearby. It’s a fantastic Art Night Walk event that brings everyone together for a fun night out in Kauai.

Waimea Canyon State Park

To explore the glorious Waimea Canyon State Park, stay in Waimea town, where Captain Cook landed in 1778.

The name Waimea stems from reddish-brown water and it refers to the river that picks up salt from the canyon and colours the ocean red. You will see it as you explore the area further. Located at the bottom of the canyon, the town is small but has its own charm and a beach nearby.

Visiting the Grand Canyon of the Pacific is a must when visiting Kauai. It sure was one of the highlights from our island hopping in Hawaii. The one thing that you have to take with you when driving up to the lookout points is patience, especially if you are visiting in the winter months.

Due to the Waimea Canyon lookout points being some of the wettest spots on earth, the mist is a constant occurrence that drives the visitors away without seeing the true face of the canyon. It took us two days to actually see the inner beauty of the valley due to heavy fog sitting in the canyon.

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Waimea Canyon

For the best experience, we really recommend exploring at least one of the Waimea Canyon hiking trails. You can start your trek by taking a relatively easy Cliff Trail (0.1 miles) and continue down the semi-steep, 1.8 mile Canyon Trail which promises rewarding views.

The hike is exhilarating! Make sure you grab a stick on your way, it will help you trek through the slippery bits.

But if hiking down into the canyon is too much trouble for your Hawaiian holiday, you can simply take the Canyon Drive, which passes the main lookout points. Just park your car along the main road for a chance to have a glimpse into the eyes of Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Foodwise there is a cafe/restaurant Kokee Lodge at around 5,000 ft high. They serve good hearty food and have a massive fireplace for you to warm up a little. Good spot to fill up before or after explorations.

Hanapepe Art Night in the Biggest Little Town in Kauai

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Hanapepe Friday Night Art Walk

While driving to Waimea town, a couple of times we passed a big sign on the main road advertising Hanapepe Friday Art Walk. It sounded quirky, so of course, we had to investigate!

We found out that every given Friday Hanapepe hosts a fantastic Friday Night Festival. That sounded exactly what we wanted for our unforgettable Hawaii honeymoon!

Imagine the dimly-lit streets glistening in hundreds of fairy lights, tasty street food, live music, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and lots of Aloha in a very small place. Fascinating!

But that’s not all? Does a Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival sound good to you? We thought so!

We’d like to point out that this biggest little town in Kauai will be celebrating a whopping twenty-first Hanapepe Friday Night Art Walk anniversary in 2018.

Spouting Horn Blowhole

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Spouting Blowhole, Kauai

According to the Lonely Planet, the Spouting Horn Beach Park is one of the most photographed spots in Kauai. Watching the water blasting out of the hole in the shoreline is one of those great experiences in Hawaii that does not require much effort.

From December to May, during the whale-watching season, the Spouting Horn Beach Park is a great spot from which to watch beautiful humpback whales, have fun!

Glass Beach in Kauai, Should You Visit It?

If you follow a travel book, it will probably tell you to visit the Glass Beach. It sounded quirky and something we would really like, but we found the beach really hard to locate. When we finally did, we were standing on the factory-like site.

It was fascinating to walk on the smooth and incredibly colourful glass “pebbles” shimmering in the sunshine, but we wouldn’t recommend going out of your way just to see it. It has slowly eroded away over the years so now looks much less impressive.

However, it could be a great place to catch a sunrise. Interested? Then you will find it here: Aka Ula St, Eleele HI 96705. To find the glass beach, drive past some warehouses on Waialo Road, park your car on the dirt road and walk to the beach.

Glass Beach directions on Google maps:

What to do on the East Coast of Kauai

3 week Hawaii itinerary. Opeaka Waterfall, Kauai

East coast of Kauai is quite chilled and maybe even a little hippyish, but very enjoyable with a number of lovely sights to see.

Kapaa Town

We found Kapaa town an interesting place because it is the only walkable town on the east side. One part of the town, with the main eateries and cafes, sits along the Kuhio Highway, making it very unusual, almost like a temporary movie set.

A slightly bizarre place, but we suggest adding it to your Hawaii itinerary mainly because of all the good food to be found here.

Things to Do in Wailua

If you love jungle-like landscapes and rolling hills, you will be pleased will all the exciting things to see and do in Wailua. For great outdoor activities in Kauai, have a go at kayaking through the rain forests.

For a great family day out, pop into the Smith Family Garden Luau and the Fern Grotto. An authentic Kamokila Hawaiian Village is another great attraction in Kauai, especially if you are travelling with kids.

Spot the two-tiered Opeakaa and Wailua Falls. Conveniently located on the main road, both the 40 ft tall Opeakaa Fall and the double, 173 ft tall Wailua Falls are true showstoppers. However, due to fatal accidents, the trails down to both waterfalls have been closed to prevent further hazards. But you can still enjoy the view from the road.

Ready for another beach day in Hawaii? Then head to Fuji Beach. It’s great for swimming, picnicking or just relaxing after a long day of activities in Kauai. You will find it on the east side of Kapaa.

Where to Stay in Kauai

Kauai is packed with amazing places to stay, but for the best experience, we suggest checking Airbnb to see if you can stay with the locals. We spent a few days in Kapaa town with two fantastic people while renting a room in their beautiful house. Sitting on a lanai with cold beers in hand, after a long and active day was so good!

We really loved our Honeymoon Suite on the beautiful Haena beach on the north shore of Kauai. But, unfortunately, the listing above is no longer showing in the search results on Airbnb. But you can always check out other options on or near Haena beach.

The Big Island in Hawaii. Week Two

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Lava rocks on the Big Island

If you are looking for unforgettable things to do on your Hawaii vacation, The Big Island has it all. In all honesty, you might need two weeks or even more to explore this fascinating Hawaiian island.

As the name suggests, it is big compared to the others in Hawaii. We allocated nine days for the Big Island in our Hawaii itinerary and still felt like we missed out so much.

The first impressions of the island were startling as we drove across the Volcanoes National Park. We were in awe as we explored so many different landscapes on this island which is still in a continuous re-birth.

Crystal-clear waters of the Pacific, black-sand beaches, villages covered in burning lava, steaming-sulfur banks on the rim of the Kilauea crater and the snowy-tops of the incredible Mauna Kea. These are just a few sights we encourage you to include in your Hawaii itinerary of island hopping.

Extraordinary Things to Do and See on The Big Island

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Mauna Kea Sunset

Watch the Sunset Atop Mauna Kea Volcano

Visiting the summit of Mauna Kea Volcano is one of the most incredible things do on The Big Island. It was hands-down the best sunset we have seen on our travels to date.

Don’t hide your emotions when ascending the one-million-year-old volcano. Cry, shout, laugh – you are on top of the world! You are atop the dormant volcano that has not been active for about 4,600 years and reaches over 13,000 ft in height! You are allowed to get emotional.

That’s what we call a proper honeymoon in Hawaii! We, of course, both got emotional watching the sun setting into the clouds. These are the kind of experiences that we travelled to Hawaii for.

Apart from the amazing views, be prepared for altitude sickness once at the top. You might feel the lack of air in your lungs. The oxygen here is 40% thinner than at sea level and that might make you feel a little dizzy.

When planning your visit, you will come across organised tours that offer trips to the summit of Mauna Kea. The tours start at around $200 and up excluding taxes and fees. The price includes a pick up from several locations, food and beverages and also warm overalls. We recommend booking well in advance.

However, we would like to encourage you to plan your Mauna Kea trip independently and save lots of pennies. One of the ways to do it on your terms is to rent a 4X4 Jeep and drive up the volcano yourself or, hitchhike! To find out how we did it, have a look at our visiting Mauna Kea independently post. 

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Kilauea Active Volcano, The Big Island

Another must thing to do on The Big Island is to explore the breathtaking Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

With Mauna Kea and its stargazing observatory crossed off our wish list, we had another lifelong dream to fulfill – see the most active volcano on earth!

The Big Island is one of a few places in the world where visitors can come face-to-face with an active volcano and we can’t believe we were there! What a trip! This is why we want you to add this extraordinary experience to your top things to do on The Big Island list.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is open 24 hours a day all year round so spare a full day to explore it. But there’s so much to see and do that even a whole day may not be enough.

Be sure to arrive as early as possible, wear comfortable footwear and stay well protected from the sun. It’s going to be a long, but a blooming-brilliant day! It’s a must-see in any Hawaii itinerary.

Start your day by exploring the steaming sulfur banks on the rim of the crater and hike down to the Kilauea Iki Crater floor. It’s incredible to be granted the permission to step into the Kingdom of the Hawaiian mythological volcano goddess, Pele.

Don’t forget to drive all the way down to the seafront and visit the Sea Arch naturally carved out by the ocean, yet another beautiful thing to see on The Big Island. The drive down to the arch is an attraction in itself.

As the sun sets, make your way back to face the youngest and the most active volcano on earth. The grand finale to your day will be watching the hypnotising glowing lava bubbling in the dark, priceless!

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Best Lava Rock Sites on the Big Island

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Kaimu Beach on The Big Island

Anyone visiting The Big Island should consider exploring the fascinating lava rock sites on the east coast of the biggest island in Hawaii. All three sites are located one next to the other and make it a nice and chilled day out.

The Isaac’s Beach Park located approx 7 miles from Pahoa is great for camping and surfing along Pohoiki Bay. You can try snorkelling here too, but the conditions aren’t that great most of the time, which is a real shame.

The MacKenzie State Recreational Park is a great place to watch the rough waves breaking into the lava cliffs and explore the crazy landscape created by the lava.

The park is great for hiking, however, the volcanic cliffs are quite hazardous, so take caution. Also, while fishing is allowed in designated areas, no pets, camping, alcohol or bikes are permitted in this park.

If you only have time to visit one lava rock site, make it Kaimu Beach also known as the Black Sand Beach. The colour of the deep-blue ocean here is amplified by the black sand, it’s gorgeous!

At Kaimu Beach you will be able to take the Eco Path through the ancient Hawaiian village of Kalapana. The village and its beautiful black sand beach were, sadly, buried under the hot lava back in 1990.

We recommend checking out the photographs at the beginning of the “Eco Hike” showing what the area looked like before the eruption of the Kilauea volcano.

Stunning Akaka Falls

Fancy an easy and chilled walk in the jungle? Then head to the Akaka Falls State Park. It’s located about eleven miles north of Hilo at the end of Akaka Falls Road (Hwy. 220), 3.6 miles Southwest of Homomu town. The park is easily accessible and costs $1 to walk in or $5 if you are driving.

The circular trek is really easy and the majestic 420 ft Akaka Falls, plunging down the lush green fern is a hidden gem on the island.

Best Beaches on The Big Island

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Tropical Beaches in Hawaii

Hapuna White Sand Beach

Pack your swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, boogie board, and a hat – it’s time to hit the best beach on The Big Island!

After all the activities on The Big Island, you more than deserve a lazy day and the two-mile-long stunning Hapuna white-sand beach is perfect for that!

It’s a great swimming beach, ideal for boogie or paddle boarding, bodysurfing or just splashing about. It’s also a very safe practice ground for surfing newbies.

Romance seekers will find it perfectly suited for picnicking. Well then, if romantic spots are on your Hawaiian honeymoon agenda, you should probably include Hapuna beach in your Hawaii itinerary.

Like most places in Hawaii, Hapuna beach is hassle-free. There is a large car park right near the beach, complete with some food vans as well as a WC.

Where to Stay on The Big Island

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Lava Rock House, The Big Island

Like we mentioned earlier, staying with the locals in Hawaii can be one of the best experiences you will have on the islands, we sure did! This is why we researched hard where to stay on The Big Island before we even arrived in Hawaii.

The Quirky Hobbit-like House

This amazing Adventurous Lava Rock Hale was one of those quirkiest places we found. It was love at first sight. It’s unusual, unique, and secluded. A real highlight of our three-week island hopping experience in Hawaii.

While staying in this Hobbit-like round lava rock house, the lovely hosts Diane and Eric shared their story with us of how they built this unique home and showed us photos from the building process.

It took them six years to construct this perfectly round household complete with a solar-panel outdoor shower just behind the house. Did we mention the outdoor showers in Hawaii? They are the best!

To us,  such experiences are the most precious, when we get to interact with the locals and learn a little bit more about their lives.

Home Away From Home

Kalaoa Cottage in Kona is another fabulous place to stay on The Big Island, it’s like home away from home. We really loved spending time here. The cottage is well equipped and has everything you need and more. The landlady is lovely, friendly and caring. Just make sure you keep the cottage nice and clean!

Romance on the Big Island

If you are on a honeymoon in Hawaii, be sure to check out the fabulous Volcano Village Lodge recommended by

Just a quick drive from the Hawaii Volcano National Park, Volcano Village Lodge is an unexpected oasis of relaxation and romance hidden away in the misty forests. A true Hawaiian paradise!

You are welcome to read a full review of this gorgeous Hawaiian Villa.

Alternatively, for even more great accommodation options on the island try searching via our partners Airbnb or Agoda.

Hawaii Itinerary for Maui Island

Your Hawaii trip will not be complete without a visit to Maui island. It’s a little bit more manicured compared to our beloved Kauai and at first sight felt a little overdeveloped. But after touring around the home of the world’s largest dormant volcano, we grew to love this wonderful island.

Beaches here are top notch too. A week in Maui flies by too fast so plan it carefully and be sure to see at least some of the below sights.

Incredible Things to See and Do in Maui

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary. Sunrise at Haleakala Volcano

See the Spectacular Haleakalā Sunrise

Hawaiians say, “if you haven’t been to Haleakala, you haven’t been to Maui or at least looked into its soul.” The east Maui Volcano is a magical place.

The white-domed buildings atop the Haleakalā volcano house powerful telescopes, connecting this East Maui Volcano to outer space! The observatories have been built near the highest point on Maui because it offers the fourth best-viewing conditions on the planet. Did we mention that Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world? No, well it is!

And to add even more awesomeness to this already awesome East Maui Volcano, the volcanic landscape of Haleakala resembles a lunar surface so much that astronauts practiced mock lunar walks here before landing on the moon. Need we say more?

We firmly believe that seeing the spectacular Haleakala sunrise should be on everyone’s itinerary of island hopping in Hawaii. We also highly recommend visiting the volcano in the daytime and exploring the national park first.

That’s what we did. We explored the volcano in the daytime and found the perfect spot from which to watch the sunrise. The next morning we came back to our chosen spot for the sunrise of our lives.

 3 Week Hawaii Itinerary

To avoid disappointment, arrive at least an hour before the sunrise to find a parking space or even earlier. Make sure you have layers on and a warm blanket, if possible. Trust us, it will be freezing and windy. So fill up a thermos with a tasty, warm beverage to keep you cosy while waiting and don’t forget to check out these useful tips to be fully prepared for the sunrise at Haleakalā.

Beware that recently, due to the high volume of visitors, a small fee ($1.50 per car) has been introduced by the national park authorities for those wishing to witness the breaking dawn at Haleakala.

Reservations are required as of 1st February 2017 and are only available at, so make sure you check the official page for more details.

The Jaw-Dropping Road to Hana

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Road to Hana, Maui

The Hana Highway will be one of the most memorable things you will do on Maui island. It was one of the best days we had on the island and would absolutely do it again!

It’s a jaw-dropping jungly road (aka Road to Hana) around the island packed with exciting things to see and do, like bathe in waterfalls and roll on black sand beaches. Beware that you will be crossing fifty-four one-lane bridges so drive extra carefully. Don’t forget to honk at hairpin bends as you won’t be able to see the oncoming traffic most of the time.

It’s a long journey and will most likely take you all day to complete. Have an early and hearty breakfast, pack your car with essentials such as water, snacks, swimwear, and towels, have some cash, but above all – fill up your tank! The next petrol station is in Hana.

There are designated picnic areas along the way and clean toilets, so no worries there! But to be fully prepared, check out these simple preparation tips for the Road to Hana.

Feed Your Soul at the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Tropical Botanical Garden

If you love plants, visiting the unique Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden should make it to your top things to do in Maui list.

This botanical garden is locally known as the “Garden in a Valley on the Ocean” and truly is a gardener’s paradise.

Dan J. Lutkenhouse purchased the property in 1977, developed this piece of land into a glorious botanical garden and opened it to the public in 1984. Later, in 1995, the garden was donated to a non-profit trust. You can find out more about this beautiful project on the information boards inside the garden or take a look at their official website.

Take your time to walk through the jungly bit of the garden, complete with refreshing waterfalls and elegantly-slim palm trees reaching for the sky. We’d recommend a couple of hours at least.

Paia, the Windsurfing Capital of the World

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Paia, Windsurfing Capital of the World

North Shore Maui is home to Paia, the surfers’ paradise. This Hawaiian town was our ultimate favourite place to hang out in Maui.

Paia, also known as the windsurfing capital of the world, has it all, the beach, the food, the sunshine, and the Aloha vibe.

Ho’okipa Beach Park – the fearless surfers and windsurfers paradise, is just minutes away. If you’re lucky, you might spot some giant turtles sunning on the beach, so keep those eyes peeled!

Further along the coast (to the right when facing the ocean) there is a beautiful beach fit for snorkelling, swimming, lovely picnics or romantic sunsets perfectly suited for your tropical honeymoon in Hawaii.

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Best Beaches on Maui Island

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Best Tropical Beaches in Hawaii, The Big Island

Big Beach in Maui

There is only so much you can do without hitting a beach in Hawaii! Apart from the Ho’okipa Beach in Paia we really loved the Big Beach in Maui. We liked that the beach is quite undeveloped. It’s also quite wide and over a half-mile long so never gets too crowded. Big bonus!

Where to Stay in Maui

Stars, Jacuzzi and a Glass of Bubbly

When looking for places to stay in Maui, we came across a bed and breakfast place that looked pretty interesting. We had a really nice stay at Banyan Tree B&B including a very relaxing evening under the stars in a jacuzzi with a glass of bubbly. If this doesn’t sound like a romantic tropical getaway, then I don’t know what does!

Family Friendly Hotel for Budget Travellers

The budget travellers Thrifty Family Travels really loved The Whaler on Ka’anapali Beach because it had a fantastic location for a great price.

“The hotel is surrounded by five-star resorts directly on the Ka’anapali beachfront. You can go snorkelling right out front and we were lucky enough to see turtles right there on the beach.

The resort itself is great for a budget hotel. It has fantastic one bedroom self-contained apartments with stunning views of the beach from every room as well as studios and two-bedroom apartments. There is also a lovely pool right on the beach and right next door to the Whalers Village shopping mall.”

Also, Check Out These Excellent Accommodation Options in Maui:

Day Trips From Maui

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Getting to Lanai from Maui

A Day Trip to Lanai Island from Maui

If you have a spare day, spend it on Lanai island. It has a beautiful beach and is well-known for its adventurous red-dirt Munro trail. You can either hike the trail, which gets a little steep and challenging in places or rent a Jeep for a more comfortable experience.

But if you ask us, we’d say – just chill. You already had such a packed Hawaii itinerary, you need a day off.

We are sure you will love Hulopo’e Beach, the island’s finest golden-sand beach. By the way, it’s looked after by the same gardeners who manicure the Four Seasons Hotel resort grounds nearby!

The public park here is peppered with picnic tables and provides a great shade from the sun if you had enough of rolling on the sand. Remember to pack some nice snacks with you and bring water before heading to the beach in Lanai, there might not be any food stalls available. Especially if visiting in the winter months.


But how to get to Lanai from Maui? Just take a public ferry from Lahaina town in Maui. The round journey takes around 90 minutes and can be quite spectacular. Ours really was, with flying fish catching up with the boat, dolphins shimmering in the sunshine and beautiful humpback whales waving their tails in the distance.

For more information on prices and how to get to Lanai island from Maui, have a look at how to get to Lanai by ferry post.

Island Hopping in Hawaii

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Hawaii Airport

Hawaiian Airlines

While planning our Hawaii trip, we had considered using other local airlines for island hopping. But after reading endless dreadful reviews on delayed and cancelled flights, we eventually gave in and arranged all our flights with Hawaiian Airlines.

If your time in Hawaii is limited, we highly recommend this airline for flying between the Hawaiian islands. You don’t want to have delayed or cancelled flights if you only have a couple of days to explore the islands.

The Hawaiian Airlines is not a budget airline, that’s for sure, but our time was more valuable as we didn’t have that much of it.

We are very happy to report that the airlines made our island hopping experience in Hawaii smooth and effortless. Maybe we were simply lucky, but all our flights were on time and we didn’t lose even a minute of our precious time in the Hula Hula Land.

The service was wonderful and we will always remember our interisland flights as a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Car Rental in Hawaii

 3 week Hawaii itinerary. Driving in Hawaii

Throughout our three-week Hawaii honeymoon, we rented cars from Thrifty Car Rental.

We booked the cars in advance while planning our trip from London; we were very organised back then! But more than anything, we wanted our trip to Hawaii to be as easy as possible once we arrived in each island.

The whole process, from booking a car on all four islands to picking it up at the airport and dropping it back off, was easy and simple. Plus, after mentioning that we are going to be married on Kauai, we were upgraded to a beautiful brand-new white vehicle. Maybe not the best choice for some of the rough Hawaiian roads, but a very appreciated gesture.

Bear in mind that on arrival, when picking up your car, you will additionally have to pay for a full tank of petrol, we paid around $50 for each rental.

We hope that you have found this Hawaii itinerary useful and we would love to hear your experiences.

In your opinion, which Hawaiian island is the best to visit? Let us know in the comments below… 

3 Week Hawaii Itinerary, Our Epic Island Hopping Honeymoon