As MapTrotting has grown throughout 2016 we’ve been continually inspired by other emerging travel blogger couples. It’s great to be part of the travel blogging community and connect with others who are striving to develop their own travel lifestyles as well.

Amongst all the emerging travel blogs out there we’ve picked out a few travel blogger couples which we believe are destined for great things over the next 12 months.

Here’s our list of 10 exciting travel blogger couples to keep an eye on throughout 2017, some of which we’ve met in real life and the rest we hope to catch up with sometime in 2017!

Feet Do Travel

feet do travel - travel blogger couples

Angie and Simon have build a site that isn’t just about sharing their passion for travel experiences but is also about building a travel community which we are happily part of. They say “We want to tell our stories, but we want to encourage you to make us (and others) excited from the adventures you have had.”

As they quite rightly mention “Two people can go to the same place and have a completely different experience!”. So they are keen to learn from the experiences of others as well as their own travel adventures. Become a ‘feet fan’ and sign up to their newsletter for regular inspiration too!


On The Way To TV

greg and sylwester onthewaytotv Travel Blogger Couples

Fun Fact: We met the lovely Greg and Sylwester on the top of a mountain in Vietnam. We had just struggled up to the summit of Lang Biang near Da Lat and having a well deserved rest when we noticed these guys making a quick video vlog. Thankfully they showed us the correct way to descend the mountain, we met them for a bite in town the next evening and stayed in touch ever since.

Originally starting out as as Polish travel vloggers on YouTube, they switched to recording in English during their Southeast Asian adventure. Inspired by their first trip they have since returned to Thailand to pursue a life as full time travel bloggers and vloggers.

It’s also worth noting that Greg made an appearance in Mapping Megan’s Sexiest Travellers 2017 list!


The Whole World Or Nothing

the whole world or nothing james and sarah Travel Blogger Couples

We heard about James and Sarah when we realised we were both guest posting for the superb Goats on the Road travel blog.

Just like us, their travel adventures and new way of life started with a ‘drunken conversation’ when they decided they wanted to do something different with their lives. Well, most great things start with a little bit of booze right?

The blog aims to inspire you to put your fears aside and go follow your dreams! and their fantastic philosophy of “Why not?” You only live once right?! shines through their blog. We can’t wait to see where they head next in 2017.


The Travelators

the travelators tom and katherine Travel Blogger Couples

Aussie couple Tom and Katherine have been on our radar for a while now. We love their friendly and straight talking approach where they are not afraid to expose their travel fails for all to read.

Their blog has a refreshing focus on career break travel rather than a lifetime of travel which many blogs tend to focus on (guilty!). They have visited 56 countries and counting despite both having full time jobs back home.


Finding Beyond

finding beyond darrent and shelly Travel Blogger Couples

Darren and Shelley are another travel obsessed couple from London who have been travelling on and off for the past 11 years. They regularly leave their comfortable British lives behind to live the nomadic lifestyle for a year at a time.

2017 sees them in Southeast Asia for more adventures but this time they are building up their blog to make their travels last even longer. Who know’s where they will end up in 12 months time, they don’t but it will be exciting to find out!


Curious Explorers

curious explorers danik and claire Travel Blogger Couples

Claire and Danik are the duo behind the freshly launched Curious Explorers website which is already well loaded with enticing content. They are documenting their experiences, advice, journals and lots of other amazing stuff from the world of travel.

This new blog is an amalgamation of their separate travel blogs Curious Claire and Danik the Explorer, hence The Curious Explorers. Clever stuff.

There’s also some interesting stuff on the blog from their cycling, hiking, running, scuba diving adventures around the world. We might struggle to keep up with them as I think we travel at a slightly slower pace!


A Brit and a Southerner

a brit and a southerner Chris and Heather Travel Blogger Couples

Chris (the Brit) and Heather (the US Southerner) have been on a fair few amazing adventures since they first started blogging back in 2012. Their travels have taken them across all 48 of the mainland states in the USA and right across the UK too, so their native back yards are well covered in the blog.

They host the externally active Facebook group Weekend Wanderlust and are also keen Snapchatters so it’s easy to connect with Chris and Heather. It’s well worth checking out this travel blogger couple throughout 2017 as they keep exploring the world ‘One Weekend at a Time’.


Love and Road

 Rob and Nat love and road Travel Blogger Couples

Rob and Nat hit the road and became true digital nomads in 2014 and haven’t stopped since. They’ve been together for nearly a decade and left their native Brazil a few times on trips and expat experiences before becoming a full time travel blogger couple.

We love their blog as it’s full of happiness and light, always inspiring when you have an off day and need something uplifting. They’ve built up a really comprehensive website which covers a massive range of travel issues, resources and destinations. Definitely check them out in 2017!


Roaming Renegades

the roaming renegades Paul and Nic Travel Blogger Couples

Nic and Paul are collectively known as the Roaming Renegades. A husband and wife travel blogging couple who tied the knot in NYC (pictured above) and now roam the planet full time in search of their next adventure.

Originally from Manchester in England we particularly love the ‘dark tourism’ section of their blog which documents their travels to places and sites which many other don’t care to visit. From from self declared Soviet Republics to abandoned factories and theme parks they have crept around quite a few eerie places to uncover forgotten tales of the past.

Certainly a travel blogging couple to watch in 2017 and beyond!


Love C&D

Love CandD Claire and David Travel Blogger Couples

We met up with C&D, that’s Claire and David, in Bangkok just before we left to head back to the UK late last year. They were heading south after a stay in the digital nomad hub of Chiang Mai and we swapped a good few travelling tales over a tasty lunch near the Silom Road.

Despite having been on the road for a month less than us, this English travel blogger couple had visited several more countries than we had including the USA and Brazil. They now aim to help others make the most of any time they take away from their ‘normal lives’ and are certainly worth a read as their epic adventures continue in 2017!


Do you have some suggestions for Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2017? Maybe you have a blog yourself people should know about? Share any thoughts or links in the comments below… 

10 Exciting Travel Blogger Couples To Follow in 2017